Is Lucky Patcher safe?

Lucky Patcher is an unsafe application. These types of apps naturally offer no guarantee that your data or your device will be treated with respect. Below we explain some of the reasons that lead us to make this assumption.

Why Lucky Patcher is not 100% safe

First, it’s obvious that many of its functions require superuser privileges. This means that Lucky Patcher can access all files on your device, including those protected by the system. If you make an unfortunate change to the wrong file, your phone turns into a pretty paperweight.

on the other hand this tool triggers the alarms of Play Protect, software specially designed to detect malicious code in the applications we install. This component, integrated into Google services, constantly scans our terminal for security threats. At Malavida, we have tested similar game modifying tools that did not trigger Play Protect. However, that is not the case with Lucky Patcher.

Finally she is in any official app store, e.g. B. Google Play, available, because it is often used to violate app terms of service. This makes it difficult to download correctly, and you may well end up downloading a seemingly good APK file that contains malware or spyware.

Don’t forget that your mobile phone knows everything about you. It stores your contacts, your notes, your documents and photos, and even your bank cards. That’s why security is a priority for companies developing today’s mobile operating systems, such as Google and Apple. Using such tools not only prevents developers from being paid for their work, but can also compromise the integrity of your device and, worse, your data.

More Alternatives to Lucky Patcher

Maybe none of that is stopping you from downloading the app. You might even be interested in exploring other avenues with this information. You can explore the best alternatives to Lucky Patcher on Android if you want, but be warned that many of the problems or not-so-good things about the app discussed here are repeated there, since they’re apps of the same nature. In almost all cases, you’ll have to grant more permissions than usual, deal with OS or other app security warnings, and rely on downloading from safe websites, although we’re here for at least that last point. That’s the price you have to pay for all these tricks

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