Is Whatsapp Plus Legal to Download?

Whatsapp Plus is the latest version of WhatsApp, a popular messaging app. It offers enhanced privacy features and is compatible with many mobile devices. It also comes with a number of additional features, such as Groups and Select Contacts. It is easy to use and is a good choice for business users. However, some users might not like this app’s design or color scheme. Fortunately, the developers have addressed these issues in the latest version of Whatsapp Plus.


Whatsapp plus is an improved version of the standard WhatsApp app. It has several features that will make it more useful. It has the anti-revoke feature and can read deleted messages. It also lets you change your chat background color and icon. You can also show different statuses for different contacts. You can also read your friend’s status while chatting, without opening their profile. The application also lets you send and receive audio and video messages.


There are a variety of options for WhatsApp Plus users to protect their privacy. The most important is to opt out of third-party ad servers. Third-party ad servers use technologies to collect information from users. These include IP addresses, browser types, date and time stamp, referring/exit pages, and the number of clicks made. However, this information does not include personally identifiable information. This information is used for statistical analysis, to improve the website, to track user movement on the site, and to gather demographic information.


Legality of Whatsapp Plus is a concern among smartphone users. This modified version of the popular messaging app comes with various features such as hiding last seen status, disabling blue ticks and changing profile picture. While it is legal to download the app, it can also lead to a lot of legal issues. Read on to find out whether or not WhatsApp Plus is legal to download. The answer will help you make an informed decision on whether the application is right for your phone.


If you have WhatsApp Plus installed on your phone, you can change its default color from green to any other color you want. By default, WhatsApp uses green as its launcher icon. You can change the color of the WhatsApp Plus icon to any one of 11 different colors, including red, green, cyan, orange, purple, yellow, black, white, gray, and more. By downloading these colors, you can change the look of your chats and the WhatsApp icon on your phone.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to Whatsapp Plus themes. You can select from a wide range of characters, and there are also themes that are just for girls. For example, you can choose from the Hello Kitty theme if you’re a fan of the cartoon. You can also opt for the Minions theme if you’re a fan of the minion cartoons. Its cute body makes it popular among Indonesian children. Other popular themes include the Disney theme, which features the dark side of life. Son Goku images are included in this theme.

File sharing

Whatsapp Plus has many advanced features that make the messaging application more user-friendly and secure. File sharing is one of them. You can send large files like videos and movies to your contacts. What’s more, you can modify the size of the files before sending. As a result, you can share files as large as 50MB. However, WhatsApp Plus doesn’t keep up with the original WhatsApp. As a result, its developers take a long time to release updates.

Auto-reply options

WhatsApp auto-reply options give you the option to set the message you want sent automatically to all your contacts. The auto-reply option is useful if you want to let people know where they can find you. But the auto-reply message itself does not offer much flexibility. If you want to send a customized message to a specific group of people or ignore particular messages, you need to install third-party auto-reply apps.

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