Lock Screen While Watching Video on Android-Download Touch Lock

Screen locking , disable the touch screen and hide the buttons while playing videos on Youtube and other video players. When you or your child watch videos, the screen locks the touch so that the videos are watched uninterrupted.

How to Lock Screen When Watching Youtube Video?


Here is the application you are looking for to lock the screen while watching videos on your android device such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi .

Touch Screen Lock App Touch Lock

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Touch Lock  – Disable touch screen and hide buttons while any video player is visible and playing. When you or your child watch videos, it locks the screen and prevents tapping the navigation buttons, so you’re locked inside the video streaming service.

Child Lock for Videos  – Block screen touch and lock keys while you or your child can now safely watch any video player without interruption. Listen to music on Youtube with

Screen Off feature – turn off the screen, you can put your phone in your pocket and listen to your music playlist safely and save battery from screen usage.

Touch Lock Features:

  • Locks all touches while watching a video on any video player.
  • Listen to music with Screen Off and save battery while playing your favorite playlist. (Screen Off is disabled by default, so enable it in Touch Lock settings)
  • Child Lock – Lock the touch screen and prevent taps while opening video to your child. Your child cannot accidentally stop videos.
  • Video Touch shows an automatically sliding lock icon on the video player so you can lock input easily.
  • Unlock with Fingerprint or Pattern to unlock.

Touch Lock Setup Instructions

To use it, download the application from any of the links below and install it on your device. When you open it, the app will ask you to create a pattern to unlock the app.

After setting up the pattern, go to YouTube or another video platform and choose a video to watch. To lock the screen, pull down the notification bar and tap theTap to lock Touch Lock Screen ” notification.

A red lock icon will appear on the screen. It becomes translucent and does not take up much space. When you’re ready to unlock, tap the lock icon twice, then enter your lock pattern to use the phone normally.

Use the Kids Home App

Older kids won’t be happy to be stuck with one screen. One way to keep these kids happy and safe is to use a launcher designed for kids that they can only exit with your input.

Download Touch Lock Free Apk

Google Play Store’den indir:  Touch Lock Download

Download from Mediafire: Download  Touch Lock

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