Lucky Patcher or GameGuardian: differences and comparison

The number of game modification tools is very high. This causes many users unsure which one to use and what advantages each one offers over the others. In this article, we’ll discuss Lucky Patcher and Game Guardian, two of the most popular applications in this space. We explain how they work and for which applications they are recommended.

Lucky Patcher is much more than a simple patcher for applications and video games. Thanks to superuser rights, he can do a few things very interesting and practical tasks within our device carry out. For example, it allows you to duplicate some apps, like WhatsApp, to use two accounts at the same time. Also, you have the option to create backup copies of the software installed on your device to get an APK file that can be installed on any Android phone. And don’t forget that you can also use it to remove the pesky bloatware. Of course, to these skills we must add video game modification with the aim of reducing the difficulty of the game, helping us to beat an opponent or removing the built-in advertising. All of this is achieved with direct changes to the application.

Game Guardian, on the other hand, works in a completely different way. Thanks to the search and Modification of numerical values it is able to change scoreboards, counters or the number of objects available in a game. It is not necessary to change the entire application, just the numerical value. Therefore, this tool leaves the rest of the applications aside and focuses on video games. It doesn’t have management tools as powerful as Lucky Patcher. Also, it needs to be running during the game, which allows you to access the cheats at any time.

In short, the way both applications work is different. Although their end purpose seems to be the same, Lucky Patcher adds value to your application with very powerful app management tools.

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