Make Installing Windows 11 On Any PC Easy

Make Installing Windows 11 On Any PC Easy
Make Installing Windows 11 On Any PC Easy
today we take a look at how Ventoy can bypass Windows 11 requirements check during installation of windows 11 on unsupported hardware, probably the easiest way of installing windows 11 on old computers that are not supported for windows 11.

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33 thoughts on “Make Installing Windows 11 On Any PC Easy”

  1. Hi there, thankyou for your tutorial video , I have a question if we have json file on ventoy for custom menu then what I have to do ?? We can not have 2 json file with same Name !!! Please make a tutorial video if,we have custom menu how to add in Code in to one json file .thnx

  2. More ways to install Windows 11. This is all good to know stuff. BTW, I downloaded the 5 gigabyte file in exactly 3 minutes thanks to Cox internet. And this is just their basic account. I could pay more for faster downloads but I don't need to, really. Thanks Brian for finally covering Ventoy and how to use it.

  3. Hi there , this tutorial it was very very useful & informative . with this tips and tricks we don't need type or edit registry anymore and super easy and fast . keep it up . thnx

  4. Win11 is free upgrade on win10 pro 🙂 i wont install it yet want make sure its better 1 year L8tr still thinking about it
    mite be a few new win11 apps work better but haven't heard or need anyway . hang10 windows

  5. This is now my Default Installation system for Windows 11 (Unsupported Hardware). I have it installed on a 480GB SSD in a Sabent Docking station. During Installation onto the SSD it is possible to Partition the Storage device (Flash Drive ot SSD) to allow most of the drive to be left free. This free Partition can be formatting in NTFS and used for Macrium Reflect Image files. I also created 2 versions during installation, on one SSD I used "Secure Boot" & "GPT" and on a second SSD I used "No SecureBoot" & "MBR" – Fantastic!

  6. Gosh this seems like a massive F ^&&* up by microsoft . My 2011 sony Vaio runs lovely on a Wind7 but the laptop cannot take windows 10 ( graphcs card ) as listed by the manufacturer. I assume win11 is even worse . I want to do a fresh install after so many software adds. What might you recommend, a new win7 install or something else ?

  7. In the process of buying a new laptop and as most come with w11 installed can I use this Ventoy disk to overwrite stock w11 with a version of w11that doesn't check secure boot. So I can dual boot W11 and Linux??

  8. Hi want ask u something? Why do i need create a folder ISO and put the windows there? When i put the ventoy folder +ventoy.jcsn in usb after when i try boot from usb ventoy say he can not find any ISO, so if i create a folder called ISO and put there all the iso files all working good.

  9. Britec09, would Ventec be helpful in installing Windows 10 on a computer that currently runs Windows 11? I tried doing that on a Acer Aspire laptop, and when I tried using a Windows 10 setup USB to do a clean install, I discovered that the system could not detect the SSD. After a lot of thrashing around, I found out that computers that use Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST), you have to include the Intel RST drivers on your USB boot flash drive. Then, when you get to the point where Setup can't find any drives, you install the RST driver, and then you can see the SSD as available to have Windows installed on it. I don't know for sure, but I think this applies to any laptop that uses Intel RST.


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