Microsoft FIXED Windows 11, Well Almost!! What's New in 22H2?

Microsoft FIXED Windows 11, Well Almost!! What's New in 22H2?
Today we are looking at Windows 11s next update 22H2. I have had several criticisms of Windows 11 in the past. However, most of those have been changed in the next update to Windows 11. 22H2 is looking like it may be a game changer for Windows 11. In this video I will talk about some of my favorite changes.

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24 thoughts on “Microsoft FIXED Windows 11, Well Almost!! What's New in 22H2?”

  1. Is microsft soon going to force everyone to have an account and also have internet or their installation wont complete?
    is microsoft planning on logging what everyone is doing and collect that data on to their servers?
    just makes you wonder. microsoft is only alive & relevant because of video games, and because not many games are for linux.

  2. I hate it!
    1st the menu hate it in the middle.
    Hate the background of it too.
    Can't navigate the settings with my screen reader.
    So Can't find a way to change it.
    Didn't find it very accessible.
    At least I could run back to windows 10.
    With my tail between my legs.

  3. Last I heard about an SSB is that they don't hold 2TB and that they last roughly a year. If it weren't for that, I would switch.
    They are faster, and when it comes to speed, Windows needs all the help it can get.

  4. I actually like the new context menu better. Now hear me out. The problem with the old context menu is that a lot of programs would add their options to it and it would get very cluttered very quickly. The new design is a lot cleaner, I like the cut, copy, paste and rename icons, BUT it could have a couple of more options that are hidden by default.

  5. I read that we need the 22H2 update for the updated task manager and efficiency mode options for programs. How do we get this update? I just updated to Windows 11 on 08/12/22, a few days ago and I've checked for the latest updates, and it says I have them. I may be missing something.

  6. One thing I did since the days of XP is automatically hide the start menu. It will come back if you take the mouse pointer down that far but then it will go away and stop taking up unwelcome permanent residence on your screen. I don't have an OLED monitor (never will want one) but if you have one, you may eventually find it permanently burned in

  7. That "junk" is mostly uninstalable. If you can find add and remove programs in Windows 11 easily despite its awful UI, try uninstalling it. Some of it is useless junk. Like Skype for example, I never use it, it is GONE! I never use OneDrive, it is GONE! Microsoft Office GONE! F-uck them for preinstalling subscription based software on my computer!!


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