Minecraft enchantments: how to enchant and which are the best

In Minecraft it is possible to enchant objects so that they have special abilities or even increase their effectiveness. To enchant a weapon, armor, or tool, there are two methods that use two different objects:

  • magic table
  • Anvil

Enchanting an item with an enchantment table

To follow this method, the first thing you need is a magic table. This is obtained by gathering the following ingredients:

  • Buch
  • Two diamonds
  • Four obsidian blocks

To get the book you can destroy a bookshelf block, but if you can’t find one you can also craft it on a table using three strips of paper and a leather unit. are diamonds harder to get, you can find them in chests or in ores with an iron pickaxe in the most central layers of the planet. Obsidian is even more difficult to obtain, as it requires the use of a diamond pickaxe and can only be found in water and lava locations.

If you have everything, is the formula for the creation a magic table as follows:

  • First row: book in the middle position
  • Second row: diamonds on the sides and obsidian in the middle position.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks

Recipe for creating a magic tableRecipe for creating a magic table

Once you have the magic table, you need to use lapis lazuli, which you can mine from lapis lazuli ore with an iron pickaxe or higher. After touching the table you will see two openings, one for the item to be enchanted (top) and one for the lapis lazuli (bottom). Once you’ve placed both, three different enchantments will appear on the right side, from which you can choose one to apply to your item.

Available enchantments on an enchantment tableAvailable enchantments on an enchantment table

Enchant an item with an anvil

The other way to enchant objects is to use an anvil. To create an anvil you will need

  • Three iron blocks
  • Four iron bars

These materials are not hard to come by; you can get the blocks with a stone pickaxe, and you can use the blocks themselves to make ingots. The location of the objects to create the anvil is as follows:

  • First row: Three iron blocks
  • Second row: An iron ingot in the middle
  • Third Row: Three Iron Ingots

Build an anvilBuild an anvil

With the anvil built and after touching it, you can start enchanting objects. For this you need either an enchanted book or two identical enchanted items. When you use the enchanted book, the resulting weapon takes on the book’s enchantment. If you use two items of the same type with different enchantments, the resulting item will take on both enchantments.

Enchant with an enchantment bookEnchant with an enchantment book

The best enchantments

With so many enchantments out there, you might be wondering which are the best. Of course, the first thing to make sure is that the enchantment in question is at its maximum enchantment level. From here it depends on the situation and the utility you want to give the item you want to enchant, but here are some of the most useful.

  • water strider: Improve your speed underwater.
  • plunder: Allows you to get more items after killing creatures.
  • efficiency: Increases mining speed
  • sharpness: Increases the damage of the weapons you use in melee combat
  • happiness: Increases the amount of loot after breaking certain blocks
  • infinity: When you shoot, you no longer waste arrows with this enchantment.
  • Schutz: Thanks to this enchantment, enemy attacks will be less deadly.
  • caution: Allows you to mine blocks that normally cannot be mined.

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