Minecraft enemies: all monsters in the game

In Minecraft there is a large number of different creaturesn, many of them are hostile. Although in general you can attack all of them with any weapon (sword, bow, pickaxe…), each enemy has its own AI and not all have the same number of hearts.

Among the enemy creatures we can distinguish two types: those that we anticipate for an attack provoke and those who, on the contrary, will always attack us as soon as they see us. We list them all below.

neutral creatures

These are the enemies that won’t attack you unless you provoke them first.

  • bees: They attack with a spike and can poison the playerr.
  • be crazy: These enemies are quick but a bit weak.
  • cave spider: They are slightly smaller than regular spiders and can be poisonous.
  • goats: They are able to jump up to 10 blocks, their attack generates a large recoil.
  • dolphins: They live in the ocean and will follow you if you use a boat.
  • Enderman: You are very tall and have a lot of hearts.
  • Iron Golem: Their behavior makes them attack any other enemy creature.
  • Lama: Her spit attacks are not particularly effective.

Llama, one of the neutral animalsLlama, one of the neutral animals

  • Wolf: If you attack one, all nearby wolves will attack you.
  • Icebear: When attacked, they chase the player at high speed, especially in water where they swim faster.
  • Panda: Some of them are aggressive when attacked and are slow, but their attacks have a long range.
  • blowfish: They inflate when you pass them; they cannot survive outside of the water.
  • Piglin: They can attack with weapons if you attack them first.
  • Zombified Piglin: They are similar to normal Piglins, only part of their appearance changes.

Enemy Creatures

These are the creatures that will attack as soon as they see you.

  • drowned: They can be found in sea and river areas and can even wield a trident.
  • zombie villagers: These are the most common and easiest opponents in Minecraft.
  • pest: This flying creature wields a sword to attack.
  • Listen: This enemy only appears in the Nether Strongholds; he attacks with cannon fire and when defeated he drops blaze rods.
  • Witch: When they see you, they start throwing poisonous potions at you.
  • Creeper: Very common Minecraft enemy; if you stand next to him, he will explode.
  • Magmawürfel: Found in the Underworld. It splits into smaller and smaller blocks and creates fire.
  • Ravager: These large creatures appear in the midst of scavenging villages and are capable of breaking very solid blocks.
  • Enderdrache: This dragon is one of the final bosses in the game.
  • Endermite: Spawns only when an Ender Pearl is dropped, their attacks deal quite a bit of damage.
  • skeleton: A fairly common opponent that can attack with both a bow and arrow and a sword.

Skeleton, one of the most common enemies in MinecraftSkeleton, one of the most common enemies in Minecraft

  • icewalker: They are similar to skeletons, but only appear in snowy or frozen locations.
  • Witherskelett: They only appear in Underworld strongholds. Her attack causes Rot, so wearing Milk against her is recommended.
  • Phantom: These enemies will attack players who have gone three or more days without sleeping in Minecraft.
  • Gast: This is a nether creature that breathes fire, although it can burn.
  • Guardian: This creature only appears in water. It shoots a beam from its eye that can hurt you.
  • Great Guardian: Similar to the Guardian, but stronger.
  • Hoglin: They appear in the Nether and if their attack hits you, it will knock you up in the air.
  • magician: A type of enemy villager that can attack with various spells.
  • chicken rider: A baby zombie riding a chicken.
  • Spinnenreiter: A skeleton on a spider.
  • Ravager Rider: A type of scavenger that rides a ravager.
  • Skeleton Rider: A skeleton on a skeleton horse.
  • silverfish: These are insects that can be eliminated with silver cubes.
  • Piglinbarbar: These are pigs that carry golden weapons, so they can pose a great threat.
  • marauder: Their design is similar to that of the villagers, but they behave hostilely by shooting at us.
  • Shulker: This enemy does not move, it only shoots. You can find them in end cities.
  • mucus: This is a common enemy that appears in swamps. When struck, this creature splits into smaller specimens.
  • Diener: You wield an iron ax and want to hit both players and other villagers.
  • Wither: Along with the end dragon, this is one of the end bosses of Minecraft.
  • Zoglin: They are immune to fire and lava, and will attack almost any living being, including players.
  • Zombies: They are very common; they attack players and can be armed.
  • desert zombie: Unlike normal zombies, these appear in deserts and do not burn in sunlight.

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