Minecraft grindstone: what it’s for and how to make it

Minecraft offers a wide variety of adventures, and as Mojang has released more and more updates, the possibilities have multiplied even further. This time we’ll tell you all about the whetstone (or whetstone)so you can build it and understand what it’s used for in the game.

What is the grindstone for in Minecraft?

The main function of the whetstone in the game is to repair and disenchant weapons, armor and other items such as enchantment books. When you disenchant a previously enchanted item, you gain the experience accumulated by that item. However, the whetstone is not suitable for removing curses.

Use the whetstone to disenchant objectsUse the whetstone to disenchant objects

Recipe to craft a whetstone in Minecraft

To make a whetstone, you need three important materials: Two sticks, a stone slab and two slabs from any wood. Here’s how to get them all, as well as the final recipe and the order in which to place each material.

The first step is obtaining wood. You should already know how to get it from trees (by hitting them with your fists or an ax to go faster), but in case you can’t, in this post we remind you the most effective method, which focuses on building a house. When you have them, place them on the crafting table and you get wooden panels.

Work wood to get the platesWork wood to get the plates

Once in your possession you can keep a few of them and with two others by placing them vertically on top of each other on the crafting table you will get sticks.

Making Sticks in MinecraftMaking Sticks in Minecraft

After all we still need the stone slab. Once you have the base material (again, this is easy to do by placing a pickaxe on a random rock surface), place three of the rocks horizontally on the crafting table to get the desired material.

Get stone slabs in MinecraftGet stone slabs in Minecraft

When everything is ready, all you have to do is place it as shown in the image below. This allows you to click and pick up the resulting grindstone.

Crafting recipe for a grindstone in MinecraftCrafting recipe for a grindstone in Minecraft

And that’s how easy it is to make a whetstone. If you have it in your inventory, you can now place it anywhere you want to use it to disenchant weapons and armor.

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