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With MSI’s Afterburner software, you can monitor the FPS, temperature, CPU usage and memory usage values ​​of all graphics cards in real time while playing games.

msi afterburner download free

The importance of FPS for PC gaming is undeniably obvious. It is important for us how many FPS we play the game with. And for most of us, 30 FPS is not a good number at all. So how do we learn the FPS value in the game? One of the simplest software for this is Fraps. Thanks to Fraps, we can easily learn how many FPS we play the game with. But when we want to learn a little more information, this software, which has not been updated for a long time, is insufficient.

This is where MSI Afterburner comes to our rescue. AfterBurner is the best and most comprehensive software on this subject. In addition to making a lot of information available, we can also customize how we see the information. Working with Rivatuner Statistics Server, Afterburner can provide us with the following information:

  • FPS: Frames per second displayed on the screen
  • Frametime: Time taken to produce a frame
  • CPU Temperature: CPU temperature
  • CPU Usage: CPU usage
  • RAM Usage: RAM usage
  • Pagefile Usage: Usage rate of virtual memory file on hard disk when RAM is not enough
  • GPU Temperature: The temperature of the graphics processor of the video card
  • GPU Usage: Percentage of GPU usage
  • GPU Fan Speed: The usage rate of the graphics card’s fan as a percentage
  • GPU Fan Speed: The second option specifies the speed of the graphics card fan
  • GPU Processor Speed: The operating frequency of the graphics processor core
  • GPU Memory Speed: Working frequency of GDDR3 or GDDR5 video card memories
  • GPU Memory Usage: Usage rate of video card memory (Video Memory/VRAM)

By looking at this information, we can see what is going on in our system in the background while we are playing games. For example, if the processor usage is peaking, there is a processor bottleneck. Or if there is a sudden drop in GPU frequency, there is a heating issue. Similarly, if the CPU frequency is decreasing, it means that our processor is experiencing heating problems.

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