Names in Free Fire: how to set symbols, colored letters and codes

Free Fire has had the since May 2021 Possibility to customize the username, where some special characters can be used. It’s very easy, just follow the steps below.

Search special characters

As a first step, we need to look for the special characters we want to use. We can find them on the internet by using google and describe each character. For example, we searched for the “smiley face character” and found it: (ツ)

To save time we can add the rest of the characters that we want to see in our nick and save them in a whatsapp message, email, notepad or similar. So when we enter the game we just have to copy and paste everything.

Change the nickname to Free Fire

First of all we need to open the game.

We log into the gameWe log into the game

From the starting platform we tap on our player tab in the upper left corner.

We tap on our nickWe tap on our nick

We now tap on the box with the pencil in the top right corner of the screen to the left of our profile.

We tap on the pencil icon in a boxWe tap on the pencil icon in a box

We tap on the same icon, now it is next to our current one Nickname.

We tap on the icon itselfWe tap on the icon itself

By tapping on the field New nickname let’s add the special characters.

We tap on Nickname to change our nicknameWe tap on Nickname to change our nickname

Finally, we have to pay with 390 gems, which we should already have provided.

We pay with GemsWe pay with Gems

We remind you that player names in Free Fire are only up to twelve characters can use. So think carefully about what nickname you want, otherwise you could easily miss the mark.

Change the font color on your profile

In Free Fire we can also change the font color in our signature. To do this, we go back to profile editing and this time tap on the field Signature.

We edit our signature with color codes for the colorful lettersWe edit our signature with color codes for the colorful letters

In this field we write what we want and in front of the text we put the color with its hexadecimal RGB value (Red, Green, Blue) in brackets.

We check whether our signature contains different font colorsWe check whether our signature contains different font colors

Once set, we will see in our profile the words that we have written in the different colors that we have determined with these codes.

We’ll give you the values ​​of some common colors:

  • Schwarz: [000000]
  • White: [FFFFFF]
  • Rot: [FF0000]
  • Green: [00FF00]
  • Blau: [0000FF]
  • Gelb: [FFFF00]
  • Cyan-Blau: [00FFFF]
  • Magenta: [FF00FF]
  • Orange: [FF6600]
  • Dunkelgrün: [006600]
  • Braun: [CC3300]

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