Necessary Equipment and Recommendations to Stream Twitch

YouTube, which has been the most talked-about in recent years and where many people invest to make money, produces content day and night, continues to maintain its popularity. When things are like this, the number of viewers continues to increase at the same rate. In recent days, Twitch, which has started to make a name for itself as much as YouTube and where people can make money, has started to come to the fore.

While you produce content on YouTube and come across videos prepared with fiction, you appeal to the audience by broadcasting live on Twitch. In these broadcasts, you can play games, watch videos, chat with your followers (chat) or sign different content you produce.

Those who want to start new; They can have an idea about the progress of the broadcasts and the content by watching leading publishers such as Unlost, Kendi Musician and Elraen.

For those of you who have been an audience for a long time or who just want to learn about this platform and want to start broadcasting, we start our list, where you will progress step by step, find answers to all your questions, and talk about everything from equipment to internet speed, with the content preference…



Before buying a computer and applying for the internet, make a decision about the content of the publications you will open. If you say that I am a very good player and they enjoy my games, you should definitely go for it. But if you say I’m good at bad reactions in games, but you can chat very well, your choice should be Just Chating.

Of course, just because you’re bad at the game doesn’t mean you can’t stream the game. Many publishers manage to make people laugh by opening the games they play badly. Remember, the most important thing is to make a broadcast that you will enjoy, and thus to entertain the audience.

If you have an idea about the content, we move on to the most important and most stressful stage! Computer choice.


Processors, graphics cards, rams and even all parts have become a show with the development of technology. Of course, with this quality, the prices started to burn our pockets. Therefore, it is useful to choose price performance products.

I will help you choose a computer, I will tell you my ideas. First of all, if you are not going to play games but only go to chat and watch videos, definitely do not overdo the computer. 2×8 2400Mhz ram, a medium size graphics card (like RX 560 or GTX 1060) will do. However, with the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or 1600 processor, you can take control of your broadcast without any problems. According to the products you will choose, you should buy a motherboard and choose a product with a minimum reading speed of 1500MB in SSD.

Let’s come to the computer monsters who will play games and expect quality. My advice to you is minimum 2×8 3000Mhz ram (8+16 3000Mhz would be better), at worst you should choose GTX 1660 Super Oc graphics card and AMD Ryzen 5 3600. It is certain that you will be satisfied with price performance by using these products. In addition, the choice of motherboard is up to you. If we talk about the SSD, you can enjoy the games and broadcasting without dropping with an SSD with a high capacity and read speed. Of course, in this suggestion, I suggested a little more price performance product. If you want, you can collect it in a monster with an RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. It’s entirely up to you.

After making these choices, you should be careful in choosing the safe. You should prefer cases with a minimum of 3 fans, where the air inlets and outlets will be trouble-free. In this way, you can control the temperature of your processor, motherboard and video card and prevent muscle contractions.


After the computer, another factor that will increase your comfort, appeal to your eyes and increase your motivation will be your monitor selection. Monitor size is entirely up to you. You should choose which size you are comfortable with. 23 inch monitor will be enough for you.

No matter how insignificant the inch is, the important thing is the screen refresh rate. A monitor with at least 75hz will do the trick. But if you want higher quality, a 144hz monitor will suffice.


At least as much as you, the viewing pleasure of your audience is very important. That’s why you should choose cameras that will give a minimum 720p quality. At the same time, you should make the sharpness settings of the camera through its own application after installation. Initially, the Logitech C310 or C270 will do. It will also be very good for the price.

 My recommendation is definitely Logitech!


Your viewers look at you first when they go on the air. In this case, when your camera is of good quality but your light and background is insufficient, they switch to other broadcasters without communicating with the audience. Remember, you have hundreds of competitors, so quality is the most important.

Let’s talk about the background first. You can set your background with paintings, books, game figures, or Green screen. This is entirely up to your taste. But do not forget that it will appeal to the audience as well.

Of course, the price ranges in the selection of lights also vary, as in everything else. Although technology products in our country are a bit demoralizing, you can get the light work done at an extremely affordable price. In fact, my advice to you is to solve this problem with a high-light bulb and a connecting cable. The place to put the light is just behind the camera.

The height of the light will catch your eye at first. You will get used to this in time. But if there is more than enough light, you can control your light with the help of tulle and establish the balance you want. By the way, a professional background as in the photo is not really necessary in the first place.


Frankly, another thing that will give you the most headache is finding the right microphone. Even if the microphone cable is crushed, it can cause crackling and annoying noises in the bottom sound. Considering that most of the viewers watch the broadcast with headphones on mobile, this is very annoying.

My advice to you is to choose a microphone according to your budget and watch test videos from YouTube with “HEADSETS!” your watching. In this way, you can grasp the raw state of the microphone very well and put yourself in the place of the audience and act. You will also need to take a tripod with the microphone. After all, you can’t hold the microphone in your hand.

However, you may need a pitch assist to reduce pops in the sound as much as possible. You can buy this curtain for a very small price.

Remember, the expensive microphone is not the best. The important thing is which microphone is the best in your budget. This can of course be learned as a result of some time-consuming research.


Your computer is ok, your camera and light settings are very good, your voice has no roughness, but if you do not have a profile design or it is bad, be sure that this will greatly affect your audience.

The thing you need to consider before starting the designs is which colors you prefer. Because these colors will always be with you. That’s why I recommend you to recommend the colors that you like the most and that you can use in the designs.

I think it makes sense for newcomers to choose yellow-black or purple-black. Because these colors are the things that affect people and take a place in their visual memory more quickly. Support your name, which you will create a brand in the future, with colors!

In the photo you see Unlost’s profile. After the design, create such a useful corner where you will introduce yourself to people.


There are many internet provider company options in our country. The first thing you should do is to find out how many mbps internet they can provide to your location by calling the customer service of these internet providers one by one. Afterwards, you should act according to the prices and consider your pocket.

You can broadcast with at least 5 mbps internet speed. Lower speed internet will bring many freezes and bad comments from viewers. For this reason, my advice to you would be Turkcell SuperBox, which can provide 10mbps or 2ombps internet, if your budget is sufficient.




Considering that you will spend hours in front of the computer, desk and chair are definitely one of the most important for both your health and happiness. My first recommendation is that the table where you will install the broadcast computer is L, but this is not so important in the first place. It would be nice if it was, but it would be okay if it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, I will not say my flexible thoughts at the table on the chair. Because I definitely recommend you to buy a quality gaming chair for your back and spine health. Your health is more important than anything else.


Let’s say you meet the above and reach an audience. In such a case, your audience will want to follow you on Instagram. Along with this, he will search for a YouTube channel to watch the broadcast he missed and the Funny Moments you made on your behalf.

Since things have come to this point, what you need to do is to make your Instagram account extremely high quality. In addition, using the YouTube channel actively. In this way, it will be easier for you to reach viewers who have never seen you on Twitch.


Remember, many publishers are trying to come up with each other’s repetitions and be successful. However, instead of watching such broadcasts, viewers recommend watching broadcasts with higher quality content. My advice to you is to take one day a week for yourself and think about how you can improve yourself in content.

In a medium where hundreds of people broadcast at the same time, the winners are always those who do quality work and those who are different. Say I’m here with different content without losing quality.


Be intertwined with the audience with the Discord channel you set up for yourself. This will be very effective in speeding up your progress. At the same time, the audience will feel extra happy because they share an environment with you, and the link between the broadcaster and the audience will be established.

However, when you cannot reach your audience instantly, you can make your work easier with the announcements you make here.


Just as every big businessman has an assistant, your work will become more difficult if you do not have an assistant in this area. Because when you get caught up in the broadcast, you may miss many conversations in the chat and not focus too much on the course of the broadcast. Therefore, my advice to you is to continue with a moderator.

Of course, don’t see this person as someone who works for you. Your mod is also your companion.

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