Download OG WhatsApp Apk (Official) Latest Version 2022

OG WhatsApp Download APK Updated 2022

Og whatsapp It is a unique version of WhatsApp with many new features.  If you installed with WhatsApp Plus  and OGWhatsApp , you can use up to 3 WhatsApp apps on the same android device .

What are OGWhatsApp Features?

Group has video calling feature and lots of privacy options which we will talk about in privacy features section.

You can use up to 3 WhatsApp numbers on the same android device.

You can change fonts , colors and backgrounds and choose from over 1000 themes . You can also add a password lock to provide more privacy and security .

What are the Privacy Features?

Many of its users will be happy to use its privacy features because it gives you the freedom to speak and respond whenever you want, you can control whatever you want:


Hide Online Status:   You can hide online status and use and show everyone who is not connected, Only your last login date will be visible

Hide Blue Tones : ✔✔ When you read any message from your friends, you can hide blue check marks for contacts and group.

Hide Second: ✔ When you forward any message in your directory, you can hide the second markers for the directory and group.

Hide Typing : You  can hide Typing ? For contact and group, When writing a message.

Hide Recording Status:   You can hide the recording Status for contacts and group, When recording a voice memo, you can slide the micro icon up to keep recording without continuing to click.

Hide Blue Microphone: When   you open the received voice memo, you can hide the Blue Microphone for business cards and groups.

Hide  Status Viewing : You can hide your name while viewing any status your friends post.

Anti-Revoke:  This amazing option! You can read your friends’ messages even when they delete messages sent to your phone and then sent. In short, preventing messages from being deleted.

Sharing Features

You will get many media features where you can download any status and share anything you want:

Download Status:  You can save any WhatsApp status to your gallery and download videos and photos from your friends.

Files and Documents: You  can share any file type you want up to 100 MB, such as (PDF, TXT, Docs…).

Camera: You can send pictures and videos in their original form without reducing the quality.

Gallery: You  can select and post 100 photos or videos at the same time without losing quality.

Audio:  You can send music files or up to 100MB from the file manager.

Location:   You can share your live location (Real time location) and let your friends follow you or send your current point as point on the map.

Contacts:  You can select up to 200 contacts at a time, including all contact information, and send a broadcast message.

Install OGWhatsApp

OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest version 2022

Version: Latest version

Android Requires: 5.0+

Size: 54 mb

License Type: Freeware

Last Updated:  1 day ago


How to Install OGWhatsApp?

We have included some screenshots in the explanation of the steps to make the guide easier:


Step 1: Download the apk file to yourandroid smartphone or tablet from the above download link.

Note:  If you want to restore your chats from WhatsApp and continue chatting, go to Settings ➡ Chats ➡Backup, then go to file manager on your android device and change the WhatsApp folder name to GBWhatsApp3

Step 2:    Go to Android settings and click on Settings➡Security➡Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3:  Now,install the Apk on your Android device downloaded from above, youcan find it in the download folder.

Step 4: Open the app, click ACCEPT AND CONTINUE , if you see a message is allowing OGWhatsApp access, click allow all messages or continue.

Step 5:  Enter your mobile number and verify your number with the app This step may take a few minutes, wait a moment to send the verification code to your phone

Step 6:   If you have a backup, press the Restore last backup button, Wait for a moment to restore the backup

Step 7:   Enter your name and choose your profile picture

We are done, enjoy your new experience


Some FAQ About the App:


Q2) Is It Better Than WhatsApp?

A2) Both apps do the same job, but OG has some additional features.

Q3) Can this app be used for iPhone?

A3) No, it cannot be used for iPhone devices.

Q4) Can I Use 2 Whatsapp Apps (Accounts) On The Same Android Device?

A4) Yes, you can use 3 OGWhatsApp App (Account) on Same Android Device with GBWhatsApp.

Q5) Can I Use 3 OGWhatsApp Applications (Accounts) On The Same Android Device?

A5) Yes, you can use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) on the Same Android Device with GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus  .

Q6) What is the difference between OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

A6) There is no difference between OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

S7) What is the difference between OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

A7) There is no difference between OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

Q8) Do I need to uninstall GBWhatsApp to use OGWhatsApp?

A8) No, you don’t need it.

Q9) Can I hide the last seen?

A9) Yes, you can freeze your last view in OGWhatsApp.

Q10) Can I set a Password for the application?

A10) Yes, you can set a personal chat lock and password for the application.

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