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OnlineTV 17 Plus Free for 1 Year

OnlineTV 17 Plus Free for 1 Year

OnlineTV 17 for Windows allows you to watch live TV channels or streams on your PC, not just watch TV channels, you can also listen to radio stations and access a comprehensive library of music videos.

Not just letting you watch TV and listen to radio channels, the software also allows you to record TV Shows (supported formats: ASF, AVI, and MPG) and record audio in MP3 format.

OnlineTV 17 Plus UI

OnlineTV 17 Plus Features:

Watch live TV channels via the “Television” or “Live Streaming” modules.
You can also access many live foreign channels!

Listen to as many radio stations as you wish via your PC – in just 1 click!

Online TV gives you access to an extensive library of music videos.

To follow the live news, just click on your selected newspaper and read the latest national or international headlines.

You can add and customize your list of favourite TV channels with the module “My TV”. Enter the address of the newspaper or TV channel and it will be automatically added to your playlists.

Record TV shows to watch later! Save it to access at any time. Furthermore, you can record TV while you are offline.

Supported recording format: AVI, ASF, and MPG

Online TV 17 gives you access to both local and international channels. Access to worldwide news and TV in just 1 click!

Miss a movie or show? Just search for repetitions!

Search with full-text search, when a show or a movie comes.

New in version 17 is:

  • Different formats with the video recorder: With the formats AVI, WMV, MP4, and OGG in the current version, you have the choice in which format the video recorder would like to save your recording
  • Customize Your GUI: Anyone who wants a different design on onlineTV 15 can now switch to a brighter design, or simply choose their own font sizes … and your personalized onlineTV 15 is done.
  • OnlineTV 17 thinks: every stream is only as good as the internet connection allows. If a stream was interrupted in earlier versions (e.g. radio hole in train runs), the stream had to be restarted manually. OnlineTV 17 now detects when the connection is over, stops playback and automatically resumes the stream as soon as it is possible.



Get Online 17 Plus Free License:


First, head on to this promo page, enter your email address and hit the “Request Serial Number” button.

Next, check your email inbox, and you will notice a confirmation email from Engelmann Software GmbH.

Click the link in that email you received and this link will display OnlineTV 17 Plus License (Serial Number). Copy the code.

Download the installer from this link[68.4 MB].

Run the installer, select “I have a Registered Version” then enter your license code and hit the “Next” button.

Finish the installation process and hit the “Activate” button to register your version.

Restart the application.

OnlineTV 17 Plus License

I tried this promo on Windows 11 PC; I noticed around 17 English TV Channels (both U.S. and England), but there is a comprehensive list of Channels for Germany and France. People in those countries will benefit from this promo.

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