Original ROM Installation Guide to Samsung Galaxy | 3 Different Methods

We have compiled three different ways to install original roms on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone .

Installing Original ROM on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Go back to the original rum and say “ohh!” If you want to, you will have to use different methods for this. You will determine for yourself which method will work for you through trial and error.


    1. [/ su_highlight] Click to download Samsung Kies .
    2. [/ su_highlight] Run Samsung Kies.
    3. [/ su_highlight] Connect your phone with USB cable while kies is turned on. You will receive a warning that your phone is not supported. Confirm this warning text.
    4. [/ su_highlight] From the top menus of Kies Tools>  Firmware Upgrade and Initialisation ‘
1. [/ su_highlight] Type in the model number of your phone in the Model name field . To find the model number, you can refer to  item 2 in this link .
    5. [/ su_highlight] It will thenask foryour phone’s serial number (S / N) . To find the serial number, you can refer to  item 1 on this link .
    6. [/ su_highlight] After entering this,click Confirm . Another window will appear, stating that all data in the phone’s internal memory will be deleted,click Confirm to pass this.
    7. [/ su_highlight] In the next window you will see a section called Initialized version , here is the code names of the software to be installed on the phone. Among them you can see TUR . Move forward when you can’t see it. Click Confirm to skip this window as well .
    8. [/ su_highlight] Another window will appear. In the window there will be a saying ” put the device into recovery mode “. At this stage, you can disconnect the phone from the USB cable and switch to Download mode.You have to take the mode we call and plug in the USB cable again. Click here to learn how to enter download mode . After entering Download mode, select Start upgrade from the bottom of the KIES window on your computer  .
    9 [/ su_highlight] In the next step Kies will install on your phone to your phone via the Internet to download the original software Turkey. After the installation is finished, your phone will restart and after waiting for 15 minutes, your phone will be restored to factory settings and booted with the latest original software installed.




    1. [/ su_highlight] Click to download Samsung Smart Switch
    2. [/ su_highlight] Run Samsung Smart Switch.
    3. [/ su_highlight] Click on “More” in the upper right corner of the program.
    4. Enter [/ su_highlight] Tools> Emergency software restore.
    6. Click the [/ su_highlight] Device finder tab.
    7. [/ su_highlight] Type your phone’s model code in the model name field. To find out the model code, you can find the model code of your phone in the Settings> About device box or by searching for your phone model on Google (example: If you own a Galaxy S7 flat screen, you need to enter the code: SM-G930F).
    8. [/ su_highlight] It will then ask for your phone’s serial number. Click here
if you don’t know how to learn .     Click the OK button to finish the installation by following the instructions in the program.



    1. Download the [/ su_highlight] ODIN program from here .
    2. [/ su_highlight] Install the drivers from here
    3. [/ su_highlight] download Samsung Galaxy Stock Firmware our page titled download . You can open the archive file with .zip extension with the help of WinRar or 7-zip program andfiles into any folder on the horse .
    4. [/ su_highlight] Put your phone in Download mode ( click to learn how ).
    5. Run [/ su_highlight] ODIN program and connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
    6. Mount [/ su_highlight] ROM files to ODIN. Namely, in the ODIN program:

Click on the [BL] section, select the file starting with BL_ from among the files you have thrown into the folder . Click the
[AP] section, select the file starting with AP_ from among the files you have thrown into the folder . Click on the
[CP] section, select the file starting with CP_ from among the files you put into the folder . Click on the
[CSC] section, select the file that starts with CSC_ from among the files you put into the folder .

    7. [/ su_highlight] Click the Start button from the program . Wait for the process to finish. When done, unplug the USB cable and the phone will reboot automatically. It may take up to 15 minutes to power on, wait. After the phone boots up, you will be greeted with a setup screen. If you have come this far, congratulations, the original rom has been successfully installed on your phone.

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