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PDF Text OCR Xtractor for Free -Extract Text form PDFs/Images

PDF Text OCR Xtractor for Free -Extract Text form PDFs/Images

PDF Text OCR Xtractor is a great tool for extracting editable text from PDF documents and common image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF.

PCWinSoft developed this software and includes specialized tools for extracting text from difficult-to-read documents.

Use this Windows software to turn PDF documents and images into editable text. The application gives you great OCR results, no matter what language they wrote the text in the PDF.

The PDF Text OCR Xtractor uses Tesseract. Tesseract is the most sophisticated OCR technology currently available. HP created Tesseract OCR in 1994 and made it open-source in 1995. In 2006, Google took up the project and paid developers to work on it. Tesseract is now the most powerful OCR engine. For pictures and PDF files, Tesseract uses Deep Learning to extract text.

The OCR software executes a smart manoeuvre to improve precision in OCR output. It made the original document to be 2000 times bigger in order for an OCR engine to see the text better. The program also has tools to help you read documents that are hard to read, like increasing the contrast and removing colours.

With this OCR program, you may scan documents in over 21 languages, including English and all economically relevant languages. The OCR tool also allows you to batch OCR and save an entire PDF or several PDFs to a text file with just one click.

PDF Text OCR Xtractor UI

PDF Text OCR Xtractor Features:

  1. Supports PDF files and the most popular image formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, and WebP.
  2. Perfect for converting PDF documents and images into editable text.
  3. The application preserves the text’s primary formatting.
  4. It has the best OCR technology.
  5. Supports 21+ languages, including all economically significant ones.
  6. We can also add new languages on demand.
  7. Image transformations can help improve the accuracy of documents that are hard to read.
  8. Batch OCR: You can convert a lot of PDF files to text with one click.
  9. An easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a learning curve.

Get PDF Text OCR Xtractor for Free:

Update[24/12/2022]: New giveaway

Visit this giveaway page (Use Google translate).

Accept “Cookies”.

Next, fill out a minor form by entering your email address, tick the two boxes (agree to terms) and click the “Download for Free” button.

Check your email inbox for an email from snapfrog.de. Click the link in that email.

This link leads to a page that displays the link to download the installer.

Click the “JETZT RUNTERLADEN” button and download the giveaway version (Zip file).

Extract the zip file, run the installer and enjoy the full version.

Note: You can skip the above process and use this direct link https://www.snapfrog.de/danke

PDF Text OCR Xtractor Giveaway



Previous Giveaway [Published on 07/04/2022]

Simply download the giveaway version installer either from this link or from this link[103.3 MB].

The installer is already activated and doesn’t need a license key.

Install the software and use it to its fullest.

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