Put calls on WhatsApp on hold

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to put calls on hold like you can with traditional phone calls. What does that mean? If we are in the middle of a WhatsApp call and receive another call, we will get an audible signal of the new conversation, like a call waiting.

Looking at the screen we see the second call received, the name of the contact who is calling us and two options: Decline and End & Accept:

Incoming call on whatsappIncoming call on whatsapp

This leaves us with several possible options:

  • If we do nothing, we will continue with the first call while the second call will continue to ring louder for the caller.
  • when we up Decline click, we will continue with the first call and stop communicating with the incoming call.
  • when we up End & Accept to press, let’s interrupt the first call and accept the incoming call.

As you can see and as we said at the beginning, this means that the current call cannot be put on hold. The incoming call can wait if we decide not to do anything else, but that’s about it.

It is not known if the call waiting feature will ever come to WhatsApp, although it is believed that it will be implemented in the future. What is known is that those responsible for implementation have not yet issued a statement. Right now the next thing to keep waiting is what the App can offer us, so we have to keep waiting.

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