Reply to a WhatsApp Message without Appearing Online

I won’t ask you why, but I know some of you may need to reply to a WhatsApp message without appearing online. In this article, we’ll show you a few ways to avoid this particular social pressure.

Have you ever ignored a WhatsApp message to prevent your contacts from seeing you online ?

Someone waiting for your reply to their message sent a message a few hours ago, but you don’t want to reply because you don’t want to start a long conversation?

There is one way (or even two) to avoid this type of situation, so there are two tricks that allow you to reply to a message without appearing online to prevent your friends (or an old friend) from bothering you.

1-Responding from the notification panel (or your smart watch)

If you have a smartphone running Android Nougat or above, the easiest way is to reply directly from the notification. Open the drop-down menu and reply  to the message without opening the app, as well as clicking the Reply (reply) button in the notification  .

Or if you have an Android smartwatch , you can respond to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch and make sure they don’t appear online. This is the case even if you simply review the entire conversation and reply to the message without clicking Reply.

2-Reply while offline

  1. Disable all internet connections (Wi-Fi and mobile network) on your smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to answer.
  3. Write your answer and submit.
  4. Close WhatsApp.
  5. Reconnect to the Internet (re-enable Wi-Fi or mobile network connection).
  6. WhatsApp sends the message without appearing online.

3-Bonus: hiding on your Android device using WhatsApp Plus modes

WhatsApp Plus is the application where you can control everything on WhatsApp Plus. It comes with many privacy features that provide user convenience:

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Hide Online Status:  You can hide online status and use WhatsApp Plus freely and show it to anyone offline.

Hide Blue Ticks:  When you read the message, you can hide blue ticks for contacts and group.

Hide Second Ticks: When  you deliver the message, you can hide second ticks for individuals and group.

Hide Typing Information:   When writing a message, you can hide typing in contacts and group.

Hide Recording Status: When you   record audio, you can hide the recording information.

Hide Blue Microphone: When   you turn on sound, you can hide the Blue Microphone for contacts and group.

Hide Status Viewer: You  can hide status view for contacts. (Your name will not appear if you saw the status)


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