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Return YouTube Dislike- How to Get the YouTube Dislikes Count Back

Return YouTube Dislike- How to Get the YouTube Dislikes Count Back

Bring Back YouTube Dislikes

Browser extension and an API bring back your dislikes on YouTube

Returns ability to see dislike statistics on youtube. You’ll need Firefox to use this extension. Download Firefox and get the extension.Return YouTube Dislike restores the ability to see dislikes on YouTube.

Choose Your Platform

Can be used in Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers

FIREFOX       CHROME      EDGE        OPERA         BRAVE

Other Platforms

If your browser is not yet supported, try the UserScript method



Third Party Apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A combination of archived data from before the offical YouTube dislike API shut down, and extrapolated extension user behavior.


Right now video dislikes are cached and they aren’t updated very frequently. It varies depending on a video’s popularity but can take anywhere between a few hours and a few days to update.

The extension collects the video ID of the video you are watching, and fetches the dislike (and other fields like views, likes etc) using our API. The extension then displays the dislike count and ratio on the page. If you like or dislike a video, that is recorded and sent to the database so an accurate dislike count can be extrapolated.

Coming soon. We are looking into using Oauth or a different read only API with a limited scope so creators can share their dislike counts verifiability.

The extension only collects data that is strictly necessary for it to function properly, such as IP address or ID of the video you’re watching. None of your data will ever be sold to 3rd parties. If you would like to know more about how we handle security and privacy check out our security FAQ.

The backend is using archived data from when the youtube api was still returning the dislike count, extension users like/dislike count and extrapolation. In the near future we will be allowing content creators to submit their dislike count easily and safely and we will be adding ArchiveTeam’s archived data (4.56 billion videos) into our current database. You can also view a video on the topic.

Sometimes a recently uploaded video might show ‘DISLIKES DISABLED’ even if the creator hasn’t disabled it, this is due to how we are detecting if dislikes are disabled, it should go away in a few hours or by liking or disliking the video and refreshing the page (hopefully).