Romantic Movie Recommendations You’ll Want To Watch

10 Romantic Movie Recommendations You’ll Want To Watch – The Most Romantic Movies of All Time

Romantic Movie Recommendations You’ll Want To Watch

1. The Last Summer

the last summer

The end of high school years includes a different excitement. The basic education part starting from kindergarten is left behind and the real door that will give direction to life now opens. The time between these two is also entirely up to the student. Students who have left the stress of exams behind can enjoy their summer vacation before they start university. A group of young people living in Chicago plan to have fun during their summer vacation at this turning point in their lives. In their last summer before going to university, young people embark on a journey in friendship, love and family relationships, while trying to cope with the problems that come with being an adult. 

2. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

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Lara Jean is a young girl of sixteen years old. As it happens to every young girl, her heart beats for others. But his relationships consist of letters he wrote. Lara has written a letter for every child she loves. The young girl easily transfers her feelings, which she can never say, to the letter, as she knows that no one can read it. He has five letters that he has not sent to anyone until this time, and he keeps the letters he wrote in a box in his room. But one day he is faced with an unexpected situation. Lara’s secret love letters are mysteriously mailed to their owners. The love life under Lara’s control is suddenly derailed. The men she loves have learned what Lara thinks of them now; moreover, all at the same time. So who sent these letters?

3. Delibal

delibal 1166333 m

Barış, who is an architecture student and makes music as a hobby, enjoys enjoying life. When he first saw Füsun, he had a feeling he had never known in his life. Love, which is always tangential, has caught Barış this time. Who is this girl who made him taste love? He wants to reach this girl, whose name he does not even know, but whom he falls in love with, somehow, and he does… Finding Füsun, reaching is also complete; Füsun, who has nothing in her mind other than finishing university with a degree and doing a master’s in America, also needs to be convinced of love. Barış, who is handsome, smart and sincere, finally achieves this. He makes Füsun fall in love with him and they get married. Everything is like in fairy tales. Until the fairy tale is broken one day. 

4. Yes man

bay vet

“Yes man”, in which one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedians, mimic master, humor master Jim Carrey, gave a top performance as always, is a cute movie based on the funny story of Carl Allen, who is used to saying no to everything. As a result of a program that Allen voluntarily participated in, his answer to every question for a year will be “yes”. At first he seems to be content with this situation. Because this decision seems to improve his life in a positive way. However, this decision will mean “yes” to trouble over time. You’ll say yes to laughter with the movie, produced by Harry Potter series producer David Heyman and starring master actor Jim Carrey

5.Step Up 


Sometimes unexpected bad events are actually the tools of the biggest obstacles we want to overcome in our lives. The fact that a man with a rebellious spirit gets into trouble with the law will actually be able to indirectly carry him to his goal. Tyler Gage is a dance lover and recently attended an art school in Baltimore to serve his public service sentence. His going there was due to the crime he committed. There he meets a student named Nora. Nora is a great dancer and the intersection of these two people are very different hopes nourished the life of every two people

6. La La Land

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La La Land tells the story of two people whose paths cross. Sebastian and Mia, two passionate people trying to find direction in their lives, cross paths on a traffic jam in Los Angeles. These two people, who are both art lovers, are on their way to making their dreams come true. 
Sebastian dreams of opening a club where traditional jazz rises from the columns, while Mia is in a hurry to get a role by participating in all the acting auditions suitable for her in the movie set where she works in her cafe. When the hearts of these two people begin to beat for each other, the conditions of life will disrupt the landscape that emerges, and they will gradually begin to distance themselves from their dreams. 

7. Discovery

Rooney Mara The Discovery Netflix 2017 07
The possibility that mankind has been pursuing for thousands of years has finally been scientifically confirmed: There is another life after death, a place to go other than this world. However, the “discovery” of the other world caused millions of people to commit suicide and end their lives within 1 year. Because everyone wants to “get there”. In all this strife, a man and a woman fall in love with each other. Now is the time for both of them to question what they know… 

8. Blue valentine

ask ve kuller
Dean and Cindy’s marriage has been a huge failure. In this tragic period of their lives, the couple tries to remember their youth and the times when they fell in love with each other.
The film pits opposite concepts against each other. Love is against hatred, the past is against the present, imagination is against reality, youth is against old age, man is against woman

9. I am not an easy man

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It is the story of a man who has been a womanizer all his life and constantly picks up women and then leaves them after spending time. When he wakes up one morning, he will wake up to a world dominated by women he hasn’t seen very high, and he will try to do whatever they say.

10. Us And Them 

07s 1
Made in China, the movie is a drama and romance genre movie. It is a movie about two people who don’t know each other sharing a long road together with a train journey and the love that was born between them.

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