Samsung Galaxy Developer Base

Hello there! This article, which is an indispensable developer library, should be kept by all developers who want to go beyond the boundaries and achieve freedom in order to develop, change and adapt your Samsung Galaxy smartphones to your style. Beginners and experts; I have prepared an indispensable article for you! This post is almost in an epicenter as it addresses many developer topics! This is the first starting point!

Samsung Galaxy Developer Base

Samsung Galaxy Developer Base

Free Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Attention please!
  • All operations that directly affect system files such as root, bootloader unlock, custom rom loading, custom recovery, modified file flashing, and modification upload will void your device from warranty.
  • Using this explanation, you are solely responsible for any damage you cause to your device !
  • Make sure to make a backup before following the things described in this article  . If you do not know how to make a backup, you can look at the explanation on this link .
  • Doing any of the developer actions may invalidate your phone's warranty. Do not forget this.

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Smart phones may function beyond their capacity. You can customize your phone as you wish in terms of visuality, speed and performance. I say freedom because the features of the operating system installed on smartphones are restricted. The reason is that curious users tamper with the wrong features and spoil the phone. When curious users want to get into the developer business, the warranty is voided. In the past, improvements could be made without breaking the warranty, but Samsung has taken very robust measures. So I suggest you forget about the warranty and start this business. The best for this job are Samsung Galaxy smartphones with out of warranty. You get rid of both reviving the old phone and worrying about the warranty that is not already there. Two birds with one stone;)

Basic Developer Tools:

Without these, you cannot be a developer. I have presented developer tools, applications and processes in order. In this way, while those who enter this job for the first time will be able to learn much more easily, experts will have access to ready-made resources at hand.

First of all: Backup

As soon as you decide to become a developer, what you should not forget is is backup. Because there is a risk of losing all your data at any time. In fact, this backup issue has nothing to do with developer, it is always necessary to be cautious. There are various ways to back up.

To learn how to back up your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can read our article titled Samsung Smartphone Backup & Restore Guide .



Unfortunately, only backing up is not enough in development. You have to write down the serial number and IMEI number of the phone. Thanks to these notes, if you crash the phone, you'll have those numbers ready when needed to revive them.

Learning IMEI number: Open the phone application and dial * # 06 #. You will see your IMEI. Some phones can show the serial number at the same time.
Get serial number: Enter Settings> About device> Status from phone. The number under the serial number heading is your phone's serial number.

Apart from these, you can learn IMEI and SERIAL numbers from the box of your phone ( click for sample photo ) or from the back of your phone.

2.Learn the Code Name and Model Number of Your Phone

Developers may not address phones with their market name. Software for only one type of phone can be produced and they tell which type it is with code names. For example, a developer who shares in the form of "X mode for herolte" means "This is for a mode belonging to the type of phone with the code name of model A". Here you should have information on this subject so that you do not encounter difficulties in the future.

- Click here to see the code names for Samsung Galaxy smartphones .

- To find the model number of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can check the text under Settings> About phone> Model number . Alternative ways are; phone's box ( click  for sample photo (photo is SM-G930F phone model number) ) or you can look at the back of the phone

3.Samsung Galaxy Android USB Drivers for your computer

You cannot improve your phone as you wish using only your phone. A computer is essential. In order for your phone's hidden modes to work properly on this computer, it is imperative that you install special drivers that Samsung offers for developers. Never proceed to other stages without completing this stage.

Click here to download Android USB drivers for Samsung Galaxys .

4. Bootloader lock and USB debugging must be turned on.

It's easy to unlock the bootloader now. Of course, for this, you must first have the developer options enabled. Click here to learn how .

See Settings > Developer options > Unlock with OEM . You will see that this option is passive . It is necessary to activate this option to unlock the bootloader .

To activate the option , tap on the on-off button just to the right of the text unlock with OEM . So it will be activated . If you are using an active screen lock on your phone , the system will request your security information (password, pin, password, fingerprint, etc.). After confirming the option will be activated .

If the OEM unlock option is activated,  it means your bootloader is unlocked .

To enable USB debugging ; again , find and enable USB debugging from your developer options page . Say OK to the warning that comes up when activating . This will enable USB debugging.

5. Root

Rooting your Galaxy phone means allowing all system modifications. In this way, you can make any changes you want on your phone and run applications that require root.

Click here to root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone .


6. Special Recovery

You can make it much more functional by changing the recovery mode, which is the customizable hidden mode of Galaxy smartphones. While the Recovery mode on the device offers a few limited operations, the special Recovery modes made by the developers bring many more functions.

I would also like you to know that many customized Android operating systems (custom roms) on the market require special Recovery to be installed. Because the loading codes are arranged according to special Recoveries. Custom rom developers usually say "install from TWRP" in their install instructions. That's why these recoveries have become indispensable for developers.

If you want to learn how to open Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, click here.

You can download specific Recovery for your phone from the link below:

For TWRP Recovery: Click here

Disclosure: There is another special recovery called CWM. However, in my research, I could not see the official support of this recovery. If you detect it, just report it in the comment. I will add it to my article if I review it and find it suitable.

7.Custom ROM

Assuming you ask what a ROM is, let me explain it in a language that a non-developer will understand: ROM is a fixed, read-only memory that cannot be changed in normal ways. You can upload photos to the internal memory, record notes, change settings and save them. It is possible to see the photo you have taken by the device reading that photo (this is called read function). You can edit that photo, give an effect and then save it on the same photo, which is possible by the device's writing (this is called the write function). Likewise, it is possible to delete the photo with the write function of the device. You entered your phone with the file manager, you saw the photos but you can't change any of them, delete them, just view them, then you are in non-replaceable fixed memory, so ROM is something like this.

You can edit the ROM in an unusual way, which we call backdoor. For example, you replace the messaging application that is ready and not deleted on your device with an external application and integrate it into the device's ROM. Thus, the messaging application has changed. Again, it is not possible to delete or change it in normal ways, it officially becomes the original application of the device. Here custom ROMs are the package for all such customizations. You upload a file to your phone, it makes hundreds, thousands of changes to that ROM.

You can find special roms for your Samsung Galaxy phone on as well as on the internet. If you are new to this business yet, I suggest you start by using the rom loading instructions on my site. You can then get and install roms from other sources.

Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones: (this section is under construction)

8.Original ROM (Stock ROM)

Untouched, the original ROM versions of the phones delivered by the manufacturer to their users. Available in some modified original roms. For example "Original rom with ready root". Root means modification, which should have put it in the custom rom category. So why still insist developers call it original rum. The explanation is this:

Original ROMs; they are the operating system that runs the phone's hardware best. The best example of this is the camera. While the original camera application has unique features offered by the company, we see that there are not many features in the cameras that come loaded in custom ROMs. My own experience; I could not find the Ultra HD video capture resolution setting I should have on my phone in the camera app in the AOSP (i.e. pure Android) based custom ROM. Not only that; there were none of the features like slow motion, PRO mode. This is just one example. Of course, some original applications can be integrated (ports) into such different-based custom ROMs. However, the performance and quality of the original ROM cannot be achieved even in the custom ROM where completely original applications are ported.

This is what makes original ROMs different and necessary. As a result, companies offer Android, which they organize according to their own phones, after passing through the hands of many engineers. So custom ROMs are not expected to be of the same quality. For this reason, some basic modifications can be integrated into the system without breaking the original ROM. The resulting product is the original modified ROM.

The addresses where you can find original ROMs for your phone:

- Sammobile: Click to learn how to get ROM
- Updato:  Click to learn how to get ROM

You can install the original ROM you downloaded with ODIN Flash program. Click here to learn how to install .


9.Modification and Patch (Mod)

If you edit a file in ROM and decide to share this file on the internet it will be called mod, modification or patch. If you edit multiple files it will be called modpack or again patch. By installing the mods made by the developers on your phone, you can change their functionality in the direction you want. Custom ROM means that all these modes are packed together. One way to improve without installing ROM on your device is these patches.

You can find patches / mods for your Samsung Galaxy phone on the internet as well as at If you are new to this business yet, I suggest you start by using the patch / mod installation instructions on my site. You can then obtain and install patches from other sources.

Mods for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones: (this section is under construction)

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