Samsung Good Lock 2021 | 25+ Module | Problems and Solutions

What is Good Lock?


Good Lock is a collection of different modules (apps) used to customize your Samsung Galaxy smartphone , developed by Samsung company itself . With Good Lock , you can fully customize the lock screen , navigation bar , status bar , quick panel and more to your liking . There are also new functions that change the way you use your device, such as custom finger gestures and multitasking features restricted from the Samsung OneUI interface due to Google can add

Samsung Good Lock Download Area

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To download from APKMirror site:

    1. Method: [/ su_highlight] After clicking one of the download links below, the explanation page of the application in APKMirror will appear. You will see the application versions under the All versions heading under this description . Select the version you want to install (if you get errors such as "Error parsing package" or "Failed to install" when trying to install the latest version on your phone, try the lower versions, probably not compatible with your phone's Android version). Click here for a sample screenshot .

After clicking the version link, click on it on the page Download APK. When the " Your download is starting ... " page appears, the APK file will start to be downloaded within a few seconds .

    2. Method: [/ su_highlight] After clicking one of the download links below, selecting the application version as in the 1st method, some pages have a Download APKbutton instead of the See Available APKSbutton. Clicking See Available APKSon such download pages will take you to the download list. A table will meet you under the heading of download . Here, click on the clickable link under the Variant heading (example:) Variant. Then you Download APKcan download the APK file by clicking the button on the page that appears .



Basic Application:

Samsung Good Lock: Allows you to control the Good Lock components.


Samsung ClockFace: Allows you to customize the lock screen and Always On Display clock styles.

Samsung Edge Touch: On your Samsung Galaxy phone, which has an edge screen, you can prevent unwanted touch by limiting the edges of the screen.

Samsung EdgeLighting +: Allows you to customize the Edge effects of your Samsung Galaxy device and add new effects.

Samsung LockStar: Allows you to change the location of the clock, icon, custom text and more functions on the lock screen and turn them on and off. In summary, we can call it lock screen customizer.

Samsung MultiStar: It allows you to customize the screen that appears when you press the recent apps button and add a few fixed applications to this screen.

Samsung NavStar: Allows you to customize the navigation bar.

Samsung Nice Catch: Lets you manage your phone's vibrations and find out which app is making the phone vibrate.

Samsung Nice Shot: Allows you to customize the screenshot function.

Samsung NotiStar: New notification management service. Allows you to customize the notifications.

Samsung One Hand Operation +: Lets you customize your phone so you can easily use it with just the thumb of your hand.

Samsung QuickStar: It allows you to customize the screen called the Quick panel (buttons that pop up when you pull down the notification bar).

Samsung RoutinePlugin: (No official description found)

Samsung Routines: Allows you to set how your phone will behave in various situations.

Samsung SoundAssistant: Advanced assistive audio application for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Task Changer: Allows you to customize application transitions.

Samsung Theme Park: Application designed to create a theme, set up a theme quickly and easily.

Samsung Galaxy Labs: (No official statement found)

Samsung Galaxy Labs Agent: (No official description found)

Samsung File Guardian: (No official statement found)

Samsung Battery Tracker: (No official description found)

Samsung Battery Guardian: (No official statement found)

Samsung App Booster: (No official description found)

Samsung Home Up: Allows you to change the home screen interface with different features.

Samsung Pentastic: Enhances the pen functions of your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone.

Samsung Wonderland: Allows you to create animated wallpapers.

Samsung Keys Cafe: Allows you to create your own custom keyboard.

To run modules such as Theme Park, File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, App Booster, simply enter the Galaxy Labs application. All these modules are listed in Galaxy Labs.


Good Lock: Not Supporting Country Problem and Solution

Samsung Good Lock 2021 | 25+ Module | Problems and Solutions

Good Lock is not yet available in many countries including our country. At least Samsung doesn't provide official support. It can be used in America and India. Therefore, when we turn on Good Lock, we may encounter errors such as " Server error ", " This content isn't available in your current country ", " Not supporting country ". We use a VPN application to overcome this problem and remove our sim card.

To solve this problem, you must follow the steps below:

Wi-Fi connection is required as it will be used without a sim card . [/ su_note]

  1. First of all, get a VPN application (we tested it with UFO VPN, click here if you want to use it too ).
  2. Turn off your phone, take out your sim card and turn on your phone (if you are not using a memory card, you can remove your sim card while your phone is on).
  3. Delete data by going to your phone's Settings > Apps > Galaxy Store > Storage > Delete data ( click for sample screenshot ).
  4. Enable the Wi-Fi connection on your phone, connect to a network and make sure your internet is working.
  5. Open your VPN application and position as America 's (US or United States), and then connect.
  6. You can now open your Good Lock application. The modules will now be displayed and any errors you encountered will be gone. But if the errors still persist, remove the Good Lock app from your phone and go to the next step.
  7. Open Galaxy Store , tap the search icon and search for good lock and install the Good Lock app that appears .
  8. Once Good Lock is installed, turn it on, this time the errors will be gone and you will see the modules you can install or update if you have installed as APK. Some modules are located in Good Lock, in the Family tab at the bottom of the screen . If you cannot see anything, do not neglect to look at this part.
  9. After you are done with the modules, you can turn off the VPN and insert your sim card back into your phone.

When you turn off the VPN and insert your sim card into your phone, Good Lock becomes unusable again. You can use the method below for an alternative solution. [/ Su_note]


Alternative Good Lock App: Nice Lock

Samsung Good Lock 2021 | 25+ Module | Problems and Solutions

Since Good Lock's country support is very limited and requires a series of laborious operations described above, you can access Good Lock modules by using the Nice Lock application , which was developed by the developers independently from Samsung .

To use Nice Lock properly, you must first download the modules as APK from the above download links and install them on your phone. [/ su_note]

Nice Lock İndirOpens the Google Play page


Once you download the application to your phone and open it, you will see all the installed Good Lock modules. You can adjust its settings by touching the module you want.

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