Samsung Smartphone Backup & Restore Guide

This is our guide, the Samsung Galaxy smart phones all your data in various ways how to backup and restore , we can tell you. Our article also includes Kies and Smart Switch applications.


Samsung ‘s model smartphones .

If you are going to restore factory settings , change phone, install custom or original rom, and for any other reason (the phone is stolen, lost, malfunction, etc.), you should back up your data. You can restore your backed up data later and continue using your phone.

In this article , we talked about the most reliable and effective backup and restore methods for Samsung Galaxy phones . You can apply any of these methods. We recommend that you do not settle for one method, but back up your data with all possible methods.

Method 1: Backup and Restore via Samsung Smart Switch

You can back up and restore your data with Samsung ‘s official Smart Switch application, which means smart data movement .

If you want to apply this method , go to our article titled Backup and Restore Guide with Smart Switch on Samsung Galaxy and start following the instructions.

Method 2: Backup and Restore with Samsung Kies [/ su_note]

Again, Samsung 's official Kies program , which supports older phones (such as Galaxy S5, Note 5), can be downloaded to your computer and you can backup and restore.

How to use Samsung Kies, you can use the link below to see in detail (copy and paste the link into your browser's address bar and press Enter):


Method 3: Backup and Restore with Nandroid Backup [/ su_note]

The process here requires a TWRP installed on your device. We recommend this method for advanced users only.

To use this backup type, you must first install TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Download and Install TWRP to install TWRP on your phone - 100% Working! Tested, Approved! You can use our article titled.

For Nandroid backup, open TWRP on your phone and follow the steps below:


Restart your phone when done. To do this, go to the TWRP main screen and follow the path Reboot> System .

For Nandroid restore, open TWRP and follow the steps below:


Restart your phone when done. To do this, go to the TWRP main screen and follow the path Reboot> System .

Method 4: IMEI and EFS Backup and Restore [/ su_note]

Our Android smart phone needs to be backed up in case the IMEI is deleted. We have prepared IMEI backup explanation for you. You can use the button below to go:


Method 5: All Other Backup and Restore Paths [/ su_note]

Below, we have briefly compiled all the reliable and effective backup and restore ways you can do.

Backup from internal to external : It is the process of copying the files in the internal memory of the phone to a memory card or a computer. You can use the file manager in your phone to copy the files that are important to you to the memory card. In case of deleting data from the memory card, you can copy your files to a computer with a USB cable.

Restore from internal to external: You  can restore your data by copying the files you backed up to their previous location.

Application backup: You can back up applications on your phone by using the application on this link .

Application restore: You can view the backed up applications from within the application and restore them.

Cloud backup: You can use this method for your gallery if you want, but I am not in favor of a huge data transfer. When you turn on the synchronization feature on your device and activate the internet, a lot of data is backed up to the cloud account. It is backed up to Google and Samsung accounts on Samsung smartphones.

Cloud restore: All data is restored immediately when you log in to the accounts you backed up on your phone and turn on sync.

Backup to Google account: From your  Samsung phone, Settings > Accounts > Accounts > Google > enable all options on this page and tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen > Sync Now. Tap Meat . Thus, all data on the relevant screen will be backed up to your Google account.

Backing up to Samsung account: Activate the options you want to backup under Settings> Accounts> Samsung Cloud> (tap Start if the info screen appears) > DATA TO SYNC .

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