Saving Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

Saving Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

When we all receive a photo attached to an email message, we want to transfer it to a cloud servers. Do you save the photos that come to Gmail to Google Drive and then send them to Google Photos? Now it’s easier! You can save the pictures you receive in Gmail e-mails directly to Google Photos.

Before the update, there were “Download” and “Add to Drive” options for photo attachments in Gmail. When we wanted to save the attached photos to the Google Photos library, we had to go through the process of downloading each photo and then uploading it to Google Photos. But now, hovering over Gmail photo attachments you will also see a ‘ Save to Photos button ‘ that will let you do the action in a short time . 

Save from Gmail to Google Photos

The Save to Photos feature is available in Gmail and is as easy as saving to Google Drive. You can save your images from email message or photo preview by following the steps below.

Gmail Photo Saving

While the email the image came from is in view, hover your cursor over the image to see your action icons. Here you should see the Save to Photos icon on the right.

Saving Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

Click “ Save to Photos” and your wish will come true. You can click “ View ” to go directly to Google Photos and confirm your photo is there if you want .

Saving Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

Save From Photo Preview

You can also save it to Google Photos from this screen by clicking the image in your email to see the preview of the photo. To save, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “ Save to Photos “.

Saving Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

If you have an email with JPEG images in Gmail and you still don’t see the Save to Photos icon, be patient. As always, new features are  rolled out gradually and will take some time to reach all users. 

The Save to Photos feature is now rolling out to all Gmail users, including those with personal accounts only. As of July 2021, you can only use this feature for JPEG images. 

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