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Seed4.Me VPN is a program that protects you from prying eyes while surfing the web. So why hide?? The internet environment is full of dangers that we are not aware of and cannot see. Every site we visit or everything we download to our computer always leaves us with a doubt, is it safe? Wouldn’t it be nice if we looked like we were in a country?? VPN programs have been released for these requests.
It helps to hide the public network you use with your internet provider’s wi-fi network from malicious people. The sites you browse on the internet, the pictures you download to your computer, the videos you watch are encrypted by the VPN tunnel and decrypted only on the device you use. VPN service is generally used by companies, governments and the military. It is used for security purposes. But today, security is something that everyone wants.
Server Provided Countries
It provides server support from China, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Moldova, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and many more countries.
You can use it on your iOS , Android, Mac, Windows devices with the one-time 6-month promotional code you get for Seed4.Me VPN . You can encrypt your traffic and make it invisible on all devices.

How to Get Seed4.Me VPN 6 Months Free License?

1 – We log in to the Registration Form of the site and enter our e-mail address on the page that opens and then set a password. We write TOOSHEH or ZULA_EDITOR or  S4M  or PASKOOCHEH or  PASKOOCHEH22 in the coupon code section and then press the Registration Button. 
2 – We log in to our e-mail account and confirm the incoming e-mail and we get my 6-month free usage license.
3 – Select Login with the e-mail account you entered during the installation of the program, enter your password and log in. After the installation of the program is finished, we select the option I will use it free of charge and finish.

Seed4.Me VPN for Android

Promotion Terms
➯  The promotion offers 6 Months free usage for new users.
➯  You can use it together on devices (ios, Android, Mac and Windows) with a single license.
➯  You can get free updates during the license period.
➯  Free technical support is not available.
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