Send WhatsApp messages without adding the number as a contact

To send a message through WhatsApp without adding the number to our contacts, we have two options: through a WhatsApp API and through an application.

Via a WhatsApp API

WhatsApp has an API (a set of definitions and protocols used as an interface for the development and integration of application software) that allows us to preconfigure the sending of messages to people who are not included in our contact list. You don’t even need to install anything, just enter the following web address into a browser on your phone:

This may seem very complicated, but in reality it’s just a matter of replacing a few parameters. Suppose you want to send a message to 123456789 and this phone belongs to Spain. To do this, you would have to write the number with the country code (34 in this case) before it and without the “+” symbol. The URL must then look like this:

Let’s go through the steps to make it clear. Open a web browser and enter the URL as shown:

WhatsApp API URLWhatsApp API URL

We will arrive at the next screen where we click Message click:

Button to send the message to the unadded phoneButton to send the message to the unadded phone

A conversation will then be started on WhatsApp with the number we specified in the URL:

Conversation with the unadded contactConversation with the unadded contact

Via an app

If you don’t want to add URLs to the address bar in your browser, you can always try an application that simplifies the process. In this case, we recommend WhatsDirect for two reasons: Of the alternatives available, it’s the one that works best and is the easiest to use.

Open the application to use it. After you open them, this will be the first thing you see:

WhatsDirect home screenWhatsDirect home screen

Now enter a phone number and a message and click Send:

Number and message we will send to the number outside the phone bookNumber and message we will send to the number outside the phone book

WhatsDirect doesn’t send the message itself, but opens a WhatsApp window where you have to be the one to click the send button:

Contact windows not added on WhatsAppContact windows not added on WhatsApp

As you can see, it’s very easy to send WhatsApp messages to numbers that aren’t in your address book if you follow the steps we’ve just given you.

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