Sign out another user in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows multiple users to log in at the same time. Each active session consumes resources, drains RAM, and slows down your computer’s performance. In this guide we will show you, like you from your own session log another user out of their profile to improve your computer’s performance.

The first method is log into the active session you want to close, and perform the operation manually. To do this, open the Start menu and click on your own account’s avatar to go to the logout screen.

User avatar in WindowsUser avatar in Windows

With the button Sign out you close your current session and get to the lock screen.

Close current sessionClose current session

Once there, select the other user, enter their password, and log out, just like you just did with your own user.

Log in with a different user accountLog in with a different user account

If you don’t know their password, you can’t log them out manually. In this case, we recommend that you shutting down your computer completely, turn it back on, and log in with your own account. You can do this from the lock screen by clicking the off button.

Shut down the PC to close all sessionsShut down the PC to close all sessions

Finally you can Task-Manager Use to log out another user. To open it use the Control + Alt + Delete combination and select the option Task manager. Once it’s open, select the tab Users.

Active user list in task managerActive user list in task manager

Here you will see a list of active users. Select the profile you want to unsubscribe and use the button Sign out.

Logging out a user from Task ManagerLogging out a user from Task Manager

The other user’s active session is immediately closed. Before performing any of these actions, be aware that changes made to documents, images, or other files by the other user will be lost. place therefore sure that the other user does not have an important process open. If you log him out otherwise, he will lose his data.

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