So actualisierst du Friday Night Funkin’

The video game Friday Night Funkin’ will every week with a new level and a new song updated. However, this update doesn’t happen simultaneously in all versions, so you’ll have to wait for the updated version in APK format for Android.

The main version of the game is the browser version, which is available via Newgrounds can be played. This is always updated to the latest version including the latest songs. Since it is browser-based, it does not need to be updated. If you want to play it on your smartphone, you should follow the steps below to update the game.

How to update the APK of FNF

To update Friday Night Funkin’, you must first download the latest version. You can download the APK by clicking the button below.

After the file has downloaded, click Opento open it.

Tap Open to open the APKTap Open to open the APK

A message like this will appear, indicating that the app is being updated while your in-game progress is preserved. Then click on it Install.

Tap Install to reinstall the APKTap Install to reinstall the APK

The APK will be automatically updated during this installation. Once the process is complete, you can open the file by clicking Open guess

Look for the Open option to open the APKLook for the Open option to open the APK

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the latest version of the APK does not correspond to the latest version of the game on Newgrounds, where the recently featured songs appear. If you want to play them on your Android device, you have to wait for the updated version on this platform appears, and repeat the above procedure. At Malavida we have updated our APKs to the latest version available, so you can save this page to your favorites for regular access and update Friday Night Funkin’ to the latest version available.

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