Solution : Windows 11 Acceleration starts slow

Solution : Windows 11 Acceleration starts slow     

 We will make suggestions about what can be done in advance for the problem of Windows 11, the operating system that is not yet available for the end user, starting slowly. With the positive results of the tests of the system, it will be available for general use at the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2022.

       As one of the latest versions, Windows 11, continues to be tested, users have started to ask questions about its slow operation. It is natural that you are facing the problem of slowdown due to reasons that vary even according to the brand and model of your computer.

       Since there is no solution that fits every computer and model or is a solution to the operating system, it would be better to proceed by trying the suggested ways against slowdown problems. Among them, one of the ways known and practiced by everyone is to delete unnecessary data. Deleting your unnecessary space-occupying files allows a noticeable improvement in your device’s performance.

How to speed up Windows 11?

       We have prepared some of the possible things to do to speed up the computer, and let’s say that these are the steps that are usually done on other systems.

If you want to speed up, as a Windows 11 user, it is useful to do some checks right after deleting unnecessary files:

  • You must make sure that your device is compatible with Windows 11,
  • You should pay attention to how the hard disk storage is and there is a lot of space for the system to work comfortably,
  • Your device must have SSD feature on its hard disk,
  • Acceleration program can be used,
  • Multiple antivirus protection should be avoided,
  • Pay attention to the up-to-dateness of the system and installed programs,
  • Make sure that unnecessary files and programs are not installed in the C directory where the system is located.

Windows 11 slowdown problems occur because many of the mentioned are due to sloppy and careless usage.

Windows 11 settings and configuration options

       Among the processes that those with slowdown problems will try if they seek a solution, they are generally in the direction of eliminating unnecessary functions. There is no reason why there should not be a solution thanks to the careful use of your device. Therefore, it is recommended to try and see how much improvement there is.

Change regedit, msconfig, appearance and configuration options. In order to speed up the opening, you will provide a little performance with the action to be made in the regedit area.

Lower the value of “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” and “MenuShowDelay”.

Click on the “Keyboard” option in the control panel and reduce the refresh latency.

Plus change the mouse settings. Pull the sample double-click speed towards the slightly faster one.

Again, increase the speed of the pointer in the “Pointer options” field in the top heading of the mouse settings.

Solution : Windows 11 Acceleration starts slow
Solution : Windows 11 Acceleration starts slow

We can say that the most important part to speed up Windows 11 boot is SSD. It will provide excellent performance. Maybe RAM can be added later.

In addition to the above processes, acceleration programs can be tried. Pick one or two that works, and decide on one after trying it. Anyone can remove it after the maintenance and reinstall it when needed, depending on the situation.

Windows 11 booster recommendations

       We will talk about popular tools known as maintenance schedule. Stay away from programs that implement more than one of the same functions in the system. Test it and go with whichever works for you. This is valid for the virus program. Some use multiple antivirus programs and instead of protecting the system, they both make the system vulnerable and slow it down.

Stay away from conflicting software and you don’t have to install everything.

  • CCleaner
  • Ashampoo Win Optimizer
  • Advanced System Care
  • Wise Care 365
  • Glary Utilities Pro
  • Clean Master

The above does a minor adjustment and cleaning task. So, don’t have big expectations. 

What methods should be used when speeding up Windows 11?

Windows updates itself every day. It is normal for the computer to slow down even with new software. In many ways, Windows 11 can be accelerated. These methods do not vary with computer specifications. They try and get results.

Power settings: Power saving is preferred to save electricity. However, this slows down the computer. Therefore, the power settings should be checked first. The power plan should be changed to balanced or high performance.

Running programs: Programs running in the background cause the computer to slow down. Programs running in the Win 11 startup tab can be seen. Unused programs should be closed from here.

Cache: It has strong storage capability. So it stores data quickly. Storing the data on the flash disk allows the computer to relax.

Apart from these, there are many acceleration methods. However, these are the main factors that cause the computer to slow down. By trying the methods, the system can be easily accelerated.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary programs.
    • We recommend having more than one software with the same functionality. Plus some of them are likely to cause conflict.
  2. Do not keep any unnecessary files and programs in the (C) area where the operating system is located.
    • Since the system is running in this place, having enough space and not having anything to occupy will make it work more healthily.
  3. The disk space on which the system is installed should be of medium size. It will reach faster when reaching data.
    • Of course, if you stay away from the factors that will consume the space.
  4. We strongly recommend that you use an SSD as a hard disk in your computer. It is one of the sine qua non for the fast operation of the system.
    • You can keep a spare disk if you are constantly taking backups or if the data sizes are changing in the business area. Make use of internal or external disks.
  5. Minor configuration in system settings can provide more efficient operation.
    • By canceling unnecessary appearance settings, animations, live wallpapers etc etc.
    • Minor adjustments can be made via msconfig and regedit.

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