Sony PlayStation 5 | The Most Comprehensive Review Ever

Sony’s new generation game machine is big, fast and fun!

[+] 4K, HDR graphics
[+] Stable frame rates
[+] Incredibly short load times
[+] The new DualSense joystick feels great with great tactile features
[-] We still can’t see 4K and 60fps together in every game
[-] Strange case design can make it difficult to place in a space
[-] Except frame rates, it supports only PS4 games backward without providing any graphical improvement

We would be seriously mistaken if we do not say that Sony’s PlayStation 5, one of the latest game consoles, is eagerly awaited. The PS5 launched big, fast, and powerful, with a 4K / HDR capable graphics card and an SSD that loads games at lightning speed. $ 499.99 in return (as of November 16 Turkey 8,299₺), the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, an ultra-HD Blu-ray player (ps4’t a non-component) and a new duals France joystick with great tactile properties offers game performance that exceeds the previous generation. PlayStation 5 has become a must-have machine for PlayStation fans.

Big console, big power

Let’s start by stating that the PS5’s standard and non-optical drive model entered the market with the name PS5 Digital Edition for $ 399.99. The PS5 Digital Edition is effectively identical to the PS5, as it has the same processing power as the model hosting Ultra HD Blu-ray. However, that doesn’t apply to the $ 299.99 Xbox Series S, a downsized new model of the Xbox Series X that uses less power and offers half the storage space. That’s why we don’t recommend the Xbox Series X to Xbox fans, but if you want a PS5 and don’t need a disc drive, saving $ 100 by buying a PS5 Digital Edition would be quite logical move.

sony playstation 5 yatay

PlayStation 5 is a giant game console monster. It measures 16 x 4 x 10 inches (in landscape version), outshining the large, blocky Xbox Series X (6 x 6 x 12 inches). However, you may find it difficult to fit such a large console. A circular two-way stand can be screwed to the narrow bottom of the console to keep the system upright. You can also attach this stand to the side edge of the PS5 so that it rests on its side. The stand is in the middle of the console, causing it to shake a little.

Visually, the PS5 looks weird and stunning. Its large side panels are curved white plastic surrounding a glossy, black plastic “core” that runs the length of the system. It evokes the look of a white shirt with a collar thrown over a black undershirt. A series of colored LEDs hidden behind the “leash” points glow amber when the system is in sleep mode and blue when turned on.

The optical drive is contained in a prominent “bump” in the lower-right white panel (this bump is missing on the PS5 Digital Edition model). On the front of the system, there are small power and Blu-ray eject buttons as well as USB-A and USB-C ports. On the back are two more USB-A inputs, an HDMI output, an Ethernet input and a power cable connector.

Meet the revolutionary DualSense joystick

The new DualSense joystick is much better developed than the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 joystick, especially in terms of size and components. This black and white joystick separates from any DualShock joystick and looks like an Xbox wireless joystick and is heavier than the PS4’s joystick. It has prominent handles that are long and almost tooth-shaped. The upper surface of the arm features smooth, white plastic, while the lower part is textured (if you look closely, you will see that it consists of small PlayStation X, square, circle and triangle shapes) for a better grip.

The design is generally the same as the DualShock 4 and other PlayStation game handles. There are two analog sticks sitting parallel under a direction key on the left side and under the keys on the right. A touchscreen faceplate, such as the DualShock 4; There are tiny Menu and Share buttons placed between the arrow keys and the keys on the right. There is a PlayStation button, a small speaker on it and a microphone button underneath (there is a 3.5mm jack just below it) and the analog arrow keys.

Sony Playstation 5 gamepad joystick oyun kolu

There are two sets of buttons and trigger keys on the top of the joystick. This is where one of the biggest innovations of DualSense is located: responsive triggers. The L2 and R2 triggers not only provide a vibration response, but are also equipped with a mechanism that can loosen and harden the back-forward movement of the trigger. The sensitivity of this mechanism also changes depending on the games. For example; While firing the weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone, you can literally feel the recoil of the weapons with these trigger keys. If we elaborate as follows: When you hold down the R2 trigger with the fully-automatic rifle, this trigger button makes itself slightly back-to-forward for each bullet according to the recoil approval of the weapon. So you get the feeling that you are actually holding a gun and firing. To give an example for another game genre; When you brake in a racing game, this trigger button moves back and forth to the hardness of the brake and literally makes you feel the asphalt. With these aspects, the trigger keys are truly revolutionary.

Variable resistance and vibration contribute to the DualSense’s precise, accurate tactile vibration feedback. Vibrations of different strengths are produced on any surface of the joystick, creating special feelings for different situations in games. A demo game included with the PS5 shows that the joystick is assembled from cubes from bottom to top, and each cube shakes the joystick a bit to give the feeling that it is actually assembled in your hands. Although there is a similar effect to the HD Rumble found on Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, these triggers have been further improved.

The top edge of the DualSense also has a USB-C connector for charging the gamepad. We hope the DualSense’s internal battery lasts at least as long as the DualShock 4. Because of the revolutionary tactile feedback mechanism it includes, we think its charge won’t last that long.

Powerful hardware under the hood

The PlayStation 5 includes an 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor clocked at 3.5 GHz and an RDNA 2 graphics card clocked at 2.23 GHz for 10.3 teraflops (billions of floating point operations per second). The system supports real-time ray tracing. Powered by 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, this system puts the PS5 on a similar footing to the Xbox Series X (also a 12 teraflops Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 GPU).

PS5 also has an 825 GB solid state disk (SSD). Thanks to SSD, games load much faster than PS4 and the waiting time in transition scenes is significantly shortened. The PS5 also features an Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive, the first UHD Blu-ray drive seen on a Sony system (PS4 had a standard Blu-ray drive that couldn’t play discs with 4K video content). The PS5 Digital Edition, on the other hand, lacks an optical drive, but is $ 100 cheaper and its other features are exactly the same.

Sony Playstation 5 interface user experince ux sanal arayuzu ana menusu

Great user interface

The PS5’s user interface includes a fairly simple menu built around a set of icons representing the latest games and apps you’ve installed. Here a row is divided into two tabs: Games and Media. On the Games tab, if you scroll down with any game selected, additional information is shown, such as related news and trophy lists.

If you press the Home button while in or out of the game, a quick access menu appears at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to switch games, check notifications, play music, adjust volume and arm settings, access your profile, and turn off or reset the PS5. Providing quick access to any recorded screenshot or video clip, this interface is not as dynamic as the Xbox Series S / X Guide menu. However, we have to say that it is very useful.

To save and share screenshots and gameplay videos, simply press the DualSense’s Share button. It includes a capture menu that allows you to take screenshots, record video, broadcast to PSN, or edit the capture settings. Here’s a tip: Set the Video Clips File Type to “Most Compatible” and HDR (High Dynamic Range) to “Off” to have video clips that are easiest to work with.

Backward compatibility was unfortunately disappointing

PlayStation 5 is fully backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games. We did not have any problems installing and playing Gundam Breaker 3 from PS4 games. Unfortunately the PS5; PS3 does not allow you to play PS2 and PS1 games. The rival console, the Xbox Series S / X, may have limited backward compatibility, but you can play games that date back to the first Xbox. With a PlayStation Now subscription, you can play some old PlayStation games. PlayStation Plus members with PS5 systems; It also has access to the PS Plus Collection, a library of 20 excellent PS4 games, including Crash Bandicoot: The N-Sane Trilogy, God of War (2018), Monster Hunter World, and Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

Sony Playstation 5 kupa ekrani

Game Performance

PS5 comes with a pre-installed game: Astro’s Playroom. This is a simple and short game that lets you learn the capabilities of the DualSense joystick, such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and motion detection. It’s a fun game that introduces you to the new game console and controller, and has been filled with Easter eggs and collectibles that will appeal to PlayStation fans for a long time. If you try to find everything, you can finish the game in two or three hours, or maybe a little longer.

PS5-specific games were limited before launch, but we spent a lot of time playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We’ve seen some of the system’s impressive power and fast loading times. The game has two graphics modes: Fidelity and Performance. Fidelity renders the game at 4K resolution, revealing all available visual effects, and maintaining a stable speed at 30 frames per second. However, in Performance mode, it renders the game at a slightly lower resolution and with less visual effects. Provides a stable 60 fps speed.

Sony Playstation 5 Spiderman Miles Morales

Spider-man: Miles Morales has a breathtaking Manhattan city environment. The game stands out to be clearer and more detailed than the Spider-Man game on PS4 while maintaining a stable frame rate. Effects like snow and scattering debris look more realistic, and you can clearly see Harlem and the Battery as you stand on top of the Empire State Building. Spider-man’s New York City was already impressive on PS4, but Mile Morales’s New York City on PS5 looks even better with even more fluid action.

The PS5’s SSD also means extremely fast game load times. From the main screen of the system, we were able to enter Spider-Man: Miles Morales in under 20 seconds, and fast travel between any point in the city is so fast that the game doesn’t even show a loading screen. In a second or two we got up from the subway with Miles. In PS4’s Spider-Man game, these load times were at least twice as long.

This enhanced performance requires games to be designed compatible with PS5; PS4 games do not see graphical benefits or lightning-fast load times. For example, PS4’s Bloodborne game renders clearly at 1080p, converting from a lower resolution to higher resolution, and producing less clear visuals than it should have in 4K. Loading times are also much slower than those of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, with fast travel and respawn taking six to twelve seconds. So; Designed for PS5, Spider-man: Miles Morales is much, much faster than Bloodborne, a PS4 game designed for PS4 and trying to play it on PS5. This reveals the fact that games should be designed compatible with PS5, as we said at the beginning. Otherwise, you cannot feel the PS5 performance.

Sony Playstation 5 diger konsollar ile kiyaslama
Clockwise, from left to right: Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X

Welcome to New Generation Games

The PlayStation 5 is a massive gaming console, but it includes incredible processing power and an extremely fast SSD within the size. The system has impressive performance and the new DualSense joystick is revolutionary in functionality. You feel the power of this console with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the great graphics that appear in the magnificent Manhattan reproduction.

With excellent, PS4-focused backward compatibility and Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, it can completely replace your PS5, PS4 or PS4 Pro and get you ready for the latest console games. The only disappointing aspect is the absurd case design and the lack of backward compatibility for PlayStation games before PS4. Still, with a variety of exclusive games and more on the way, the PS5 became an excellent console that won the Editors’ Choice award along with the Xbox Series X.

As always, the biggest question to ask is which console you want to play on which game. If you are a Sony fan, there is a lot to like here. PS5 offers great, feature-rich joystick and platform privileges such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. If it is more important to play Microsoft’s currently intergenerational models with the highest possible fidelity on the console, you’ll want the Xbox Series X. Either way, console games have definitely leveled up this year.

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