The 10 Best Windows Productivity Apps in 2022

The 10 Best Windows Productivity Apps in 2022
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In this video we’ll be digging into the best productivity apps for Windows in 2022.

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00:00 – Intro
01:05 – ShareX
02:50 – QuickLook
03:58 – Notion
05:58 – Microsoft Edge
07:18 – Clipboard Manager
08:09 – Flow Launcher
08:57 – Espanso
10:10 – Everything
10:53 – Google Drive
11:46 – F.Lux

Microsoft Edge:
Clipboard Manager:
Flow Launcher:
Google Drive:

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39 thoughts on “The 10 Best Windows Productivity Apps in 2022”

  1. Espanso is being detected as a virus by bitdefender. I installed it from the link you provided, but I'm not sure what's up with this. Thanks for all the tips though, really great stuff.

  2. Amazing app, started using some for my productivity! Please suggest something for TODO management. Don't want Notion, looks overloaded with functionality I don't need. Want something quick , simple and primarily using keyboard shortcuts, kind of like Flow Launcher concept.. Thank you

  3. I am never going to use ShareX again. I was a beginner, didn't know how it worked and it, without my permission, created a public link for my notepad file with all of my passwords in it. I had to manually change each one. Thank God nobody saw them.

  4. Edge also has a very capable text to speak function.
    With tons of different voices that actually sounds great and professional.
    I do not remember if I added extra voices to windows and that's why I have loads of alternatives.
    I like the Irish lady voice clear and calm.
    It's good that you can listen to an article while doing other stuff, like art or food for example

  5. Notion looks really interesting. Been using OneNote but Notion looks easier….
    So if you like quicklook, you can activate something similar in windows 10 in file explorer under the view ribbon. Second from left on the view ribbon is the Preview Pane button. You can also change the content display of that folder, like large icons for images or a detail list with file meta data, with the buttons to the right of that. (Which you can scroll through by holding the control key and scrolling the mouse wheel.


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