The 5 best skins in Garena Free Fire

There are a great many different skins in Free Fire, but some of them can be considered the “best” for various reasons: their exclusivitytheir price, their design… we’re going to show here some of the skins that we think are the best, considering different points of view.

Headhunter: one of the most expensive skins

Many Free Fire players think that the best skins are the most expensive, and in the case of the Headhunter, we can assure you that this skin is among the skins players have paid the most diamonds for. This skin could be obtained in 2019 through a loot box system, where you had to spend 80 diamonds for each attempt with low chances, 400 with higher chances. Those who got this skin back then gave between €10 and €30 in diamonds out, which is not exactly little.

Camouflage Skins: Desert Warrior

In the game it is very important not to be discovered by the opponents. To achieve this goal we can use some of the skins released in Elite Pass: Desert Warriors. The costumes in this pass feature tarncostume, which are perfect for hiding in leafy areas. A pretty competitive tactic.

Free Fire-Kollaboration mit Street FighterFree Fire-Kollaboration mit Street Fighter

Ryu and Chun-Li: Characters from other franchises

Among the existing collaborations in Free Fire, one of the most interesting is the one that came with one of the most successful video game franchises: Street Fighter. Ryu and Chun-Li, two of the most iconic characters in this video game series, have their own skins in Free Fire. Their skins will no doubt be a favorite for fans of Capcom’s battle saga.

Samurai Zombie: One of the most unique and terrifying skins in the series

Like the Headhunter, the samurai zombie skin was only available for a limited time, by spending lots of diamonds and trying to get it. However, this skin also has the added bonus of being one of the most shocking skins out there, making an impression just by looking at it.

Raver Bundle, a skin with a lot of styleRaver Bundle, a skin with a lot of style

Raver Bundle: My favorite

Maybe this skin isn’t something special for a lot of people, but personally I like it the best, and for many other players, their favorite skin is also the best. In other words, when you play Free Fire, don’t listen to them when they say your skin is “not cool”, your taste is just as valid as anyone else’s, and even a cheap skin can be your favorite. In the case of Raver’s pack, I love that daring design, which combines such contrasting colors as pink and black. A mask is also included!

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