The best keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

Windows 11 can thanks Shortcuts be controlled quickly. The following list of keyboard shortcuts will help you perform actions without taking your hands off the keyboard.

New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with some keyboard shortcuts that enable new features. That is why they were not available in previous versions. They are the following:

  • Windows + A: Displays the quick settings side menu.
  • Windows + Z: Opens the docking window picker. If you hold down both keys and combine them with the arrow keys, you can choose the docking layout.
  • Windows + N: With this key combination, the notification center appears on the screen next to the calendar.
  • Windows + W: Abbreviation for displaying the widgets.

Classic keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

The following list contains the most common Windows 11 shortcuts:

  • Control + D: Sends the object to the trash. Works the same as the Delete key.
  • Control + R: Refreshes the active webpage or explorer folder.
  • Control + V: Pastes the last item from the clipboard.
  • Alt + Tab: Switches between open applications.
  • Alt + F4: closes the active item or exits the active application. On the desktop, it can be used to shut down the computer.
  • Control + C: Copies the selected item..
  • Control + X: Cuts the selected item.
  • Control + Z: Undoes the last command.
  • Ctrl + Y: Repeats the following action.
  • Windows + D: Shows and hides the desktop.
  • Windows + E: Direct access to File Explorer.
  • Windows + G: Opens the Xbox game bar.
  • Windows + H: Opens the sharing dialog.
  • Windows + O: Blocks the orientation of the device. Interesting for tablets.
  • Windows + R: Opens the Run dialog.
  • Windows + S: Opens Windows search.
  • Windows + T: Browse through the applications on the taskbar.

Shortcuts with numbers in Windows 11

Some combinations give access to a specific item depending on which number you press. Here are some examples::

  • Windows + number (0-9): Launches the taskbar application that corresponds to the pressed number. When the application is in use, the main window is displayed.
  • Windows + Shift + Number (0-9): Starts a new instance of the application, which is pinned to the taskbar in the position specified by the number.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Number (0-9): Launches the last active window of an application in the order in which it appears on the taskbar and based on the number that was pressed
  • Windows + Alt + number (0-9): Opens the context menu of the application in the taskbar according to the pressed number..
  • Windows + Ctrl + shift key + number (0-9): Runs the taskbar application corresponding to the pressed number as administrator. It is ideal for accessing some utilities with full privileges, such as B.CMD.

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