Things You Cannot Do In Windows 11

Things You Cannot Do In Windows 11
Things you cannot do in Windows 11, but you could in Windows 10.

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32 thoughts on “Things You Cannot Do In Windows 11”

  1. I upgraded now for the sake of the UI and testing haha. I could go back if I wanted to. I'll just give W11 a chance. Anyway there are people with different preference but for the average user, W11 is good for it's UI but I hope they'll optimize it to the point that it can run in a potato PC. Thanks!

  2. So, basically, as is usual, wait for the Service Pack 1 or 2 equivalent? Honestly, I think it makes more sense to just use a custom ROM now. Feels like there's more and more of those these days.

    Still, I'm not in a hurry to reinstall Win11, there hasn't been a game that really got me to need Win11 and VMware is good enough for most of what I need for Windows as a Linux user.

    Kind of sad that even Windows now have this change for the sake of change issues though – while there are many QoL in KDE that I would miss on Windows 10, for the most part it was fine, and now Windows joins the rank of Apple, Gnome, and Google with their design (at least Apple has nice polish, the others lack that).

  3. The two things I noticed the most were that the right click context menu now shows just a few options, and while a button shows all, it's an unnecessary step, but I need to use it often personally. And there's no option to change it back to the old one
    The second was the right click menu on the taskbar, since I frequently open the task manager. I had to add the task manager icon in the taskbar, but mine is already very convoluted…

  4. I tried it briefly,it was a gargantuan suck from my perspective and in system info was the same 21H2.Pointlesss,dumbed down horse excrement.I'm firmly back on windows 10,but what's with those 1980's PDA icons that appear in apps?They've been driving me nuts ever since the start of windows 10 and to make things worse web designers have taken the stupid things onboard…………………………………………..

  5. one reason to never upgrade is, that you no longer have a option but to have a microsoft Account.

    They have Hidden / are making it harder to save files locally, they are forcing all users to use their Online "Cloud Service".
    if your Machine breaks and you need to recover files from your Drive? Oooops sorry Windows 11 forces full drive Encryption.
    Ooooh! microsoft does store the (Every single ) bitlocker recovery key in your Microsoft account. Sorry folks Microsoft can and have stolen files from its users in the past. this only makes it easier for them to do!!

    Wait theres more!!

    by installing windows 11 anyone, and i mean anyone who has a microsoft account can login on your machine without your consent, so long as its connected to the Internet! this feature can not be disabled.

    Windows 11 is designed so that you can no longer dual boot but forced to use they're built in hypervisor.

    yeah they really like to know what users get up to on their suposedly private PC.

    I could go one a whole lot more too if any one wants me to post my half writen Easay i'm planning to send to by government concerning numerous vololations / regulations they're breaking both internationally and locally

  6. I've stopped using Mac OS since 2018, and everything in this video made me remember how frustrating using a Mac was.

    So many windows u couldn't resize, cluncky full screen toggle, settings hidden away from the thing you actually wanna change and more that I don't even remember.

  7. I miss the first year of Windows 10 with a much lighter system and less bloatware than today's W10. But they've come a long way in terms of drivers actually working and way less crashes. At least on a powerfull-ish machine

  8. glad my computer cant upgrade. weird that my moms laptop can but my more powerful pc cant haha. (note i know its my 7th gen cpu 7700k) same Gen as my Msi Laptop. My moms is a 200 dollar laptop. yeah thats the funny part. Note: my Gaming PC scores better still. but it is what is is

  9. I honestly find Windows 11 more user-friendly for new users. Windows has always felt bloated with settings everywhere and I find the simplification a huge improvement.
    I do think that Windows 11 is unfinished. I believe it's heading in the right direction. But to streamline is not to just remove settings, its to make clear where to find everything. The settings pages have improved a lot, but it can still be a pain to find settings and I still find myself having to use the control panel now and then.


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