Tinder top picks: what they are and how to find out if I’m a candidate

You use Tinder and have already heard of the existence of Top Picks heard. Maybe you saw them while scrolling through your app and were curious about them. How can I get into this category? let’s find out

Was sind Tinder Top Picks

Top Picks are a new feature of Tinder that consists of profiles that you particularly notice and that have a higher probability of receiving one Match to achieve with you. Of course, this analysis is done by Tinder’s algorithm and we can only trust the work of the programmers. It is important to know that users who do not have a paid subscription only one Top Pick per day to have. On the other hand, if you have a gold or platinum membership, you can select several times a day.

How to View Top Picks on Tinder

To the Top Picks you have to go to the bottom menu item with the asterisk as shown in the image below.

Click on the star buttonClick on the star button

In this tab you have to select the option Top Picks that appears at the top and you can then see the choices Tinder made for you.

Go to the Top Picks sectionGo to the Top Picks section

You can also pay Tinder to give you more choices Top Picks offers, which theoretically increases your chances of meeting new people.

How do I know if I’m a candidate or a top pick on Tinder?

There’s no way to find out if you’re a top pick on Tinder. The app won’t send you any notifications about this, but you can always ask the people you’ve matched with if they found you using this feature. It’s also possible that you can feel your presence in other people’s top picks, if you more Likes or Super Likes than you normally get. However, this is not a reliable mechanism either, as these are personalized for each user and there is no guarantee that you will always appear on profiles that you may fit.

We hope this article cleared up some of your doubts and that you can continue using Tinder to your heart’s content.

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