Tinder: what it is, how it works, what it’s good for, and reviews

If you’re thinking about using Tinder but aren’t quite sure how the app works or if its features could help you, here we explain in detail the most important aspects of this dating app.

What is Tinder

Tinder is a dating app, which allows you to meet people with similar tastes and interests as you. It works with segmentation based on age, geographic location, and sexual orientation, which allows you to fine-tune the quality of your matches. The application matters around 50 million active users worldwide making it a useful resource for anyone wanting to meet people with interests similar to theirs.

How Tinder works

This application works thanks to the creation of personal profiles and a clever selection mechanism. In the Creation of your profile you have to provide a number of mandatory details and you have the opportunity to write a description about yourself. You can also choose tags with your interests and choose a picture of yourself for others to see.

All of this is the initial phase, because it is in the later steps that the real magic of the process begins. The user interface consists of a kind of carousel with profiles of people who, based on the data entered, might fit your personality and preferences. In this part you can discard the profiles you don’t like and like the ones you find interesting.

To like a profile, swipe right or click on the green button with the heart (see below).

Like by clicking on the green buttonLike by clicking on the green button

If you’re not interested in the profile, you can swipe left or click the X to dismiss it.

Unfollow profiles by clicking the XUnfollow profiles by clicking the X

You also have the option to give a super like, an option that shows the other user that you’re particularly interested in them. In this case, swipe up or press the star key.

Give Super Likes by clicking on the blue starGive Super Likes by clicking on the blue star

Once one of the people you licked does the same to your profile, a match will be made and you have the option to start a chat with her. When you find a match, just go to the bottom of the app and click the dialog clouds button.

Go to the Chats sectionGo to the Chats section

Here you can start a conversation with the people you’ve connected with by clicking on their respective profiles.

Chat with the people you foundChat with the people you found

What Tinder is good for

Tinder works as place to meet people. This is its main purpose and has given it the popularity it enjoys today. Of course, each person can have a specific goal when searching for people on this application. Whether you’re looking for a casual date, looking for a committed relationship, or just want to make friends, Tinder provides you with many tools to help you achieve these goals.

Opinions on Tinder

Like many other apps, opinions about Tinder are mixed. In these cases, a lot depends on how lucky you were with the application. Generally stem the good reviews from people who have found the love of their lifeand the bad ones from those who didn’t get the expected results.

Tinder has been downloaded over 1,000,000,000 million times by users and has over 1,000,000 reviews on Google Play, giving the software a 3 out of 5 rating. On a technical level, there are few complaints about how the app works. The problem lies in the nature of the app and the behavior of some users, which is not always as respectful as one would expect, especially in a matter as important as dating. Many of the negative opinions are based more on the experiences users have had with other users than how the app works.

What we can say is that over time some restrictions have been put in place for those using the app without a paid membership. Many interesting features are only available to you if you are willing to pay for them. Of course, this is a service that you can purchase based on your needs, but we recommend that you be careful with your expectations of any type of subscription you consider purchasing. Not because the service is bad, quite the opposite (that’s up to each user), but because of the unrealistic notion of paying to meet people.

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