Tinder without paying: how it works and what we can do there

Tinder is an application that allows users to search for dates that suit their own conditions and interests. With a set of extremely useful dynamics, this app has become the number one reference in the dating field.

How free Tinder works

Every user must create a profile with a personal picture and give some information about your own personality and history. The information also includes some basic questions that can be used to compare yourself to other users.

  • Alter
  • Location
  • sexual orientation

There are also a few areas of interest to select, as shown in the image below.

Choose your interests when creating a profileChoose your interests when creating a profile

All this is basic and does not need to be paid for. With this data, other users can see your profile on their screens and decide whether they want to be contacted. If the impressions on the viewed profile are positive, people can enter Like sit and wait for a backlash. If both users like each other, they impersonate Match. Every time a hit is scored, people can start a conversation and get to know each other better.

Get a match and start a conversationGet a match and start a conversation

If the profile displayed in the user interface does not match the user’s expectations, they can discard it. As you can see, you have to Pay nothing for the key features that help you meet people on Tinder or enter your credit card.

Can I see free matches on Tinder? What we can do for free

To start using Tinder without paying for it, one just needs to download the app, which is free. With the free membership you can do everything you need to meet people and get dates. The option, Like or dislike profiles, as well as Match and the ability to chat on Tinder are common elements across all subscription levels, so you don’t have to worry about them. The same goes for the Passport-Function that allows you to change your location and meet people from places other than your own.

Use the location that works best for youUse the location that works best for you

What Tinder can’t do for free

What you CANNOT do with the free version is:

  • See the likes received before deciding whether or not to disapprove a profile.
  • Super likes awarded
  • With a boost you can become a top profile in your area and gain visibility.

Another option that also requires a paid membership is the Rewind. This allows you to undo your last action. That is, if you have a profile liked or declined and regretted it, you can go back and change your mind. Now that you know how Tinder works, we hope you can use it without any problems and make the most of it.

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