To Keep the Mac from Sleeping

Battery life is prevented unauthorized access to, or interested in the people of the device may help protect used by many modes of sleep , although helpful, though an important file upload, video conversion, a graphics when dealing with transactions or for people who are interested in long time reading the web pages of the screen Closing can be frustrating. 

To Keep the Mac from Sleeping

Have you ever wanted to prevent your Mac from going into sleep mode while doing certain tasks ? If you have decided to prevent the screen from entering sleep mode on Mac computers  , it will be enough to follow the steps below for the necessary action.

What Can I Do To Keep My Mac From Sleeping?

No application is required to keep the Mac awake. Thanks to a feature in itself, you can make the necessary adjustments for the Mac to stay awake, and you can even ensure that it does not sleep completely if you wish . So how?

  • Primarily Dock on or touch the icon located on the  menu bar above, drop down menu System Preferences … ‘what-click
  • Then click on the Energy Saver selection from the System Preferences window that opens
  • Here you can specify actions to take when your Mac is connected to a battery or power adapter .
  • You can set the screen to turn off ” 1 minute , 15 minutes , 1 hour , 3 hours, or if you say never to turn off at all ” according to your wish.

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