Top 10 best maps in Minecraft PE

Even eleven years after the release of the original version, Minecraft continues to offer new developments and new forms of creativity and play possibilities. If you run out of ideas for building your own world, you can always visit the worlds created by other players. Some of these maps are truly amazing and contain games or large constructions that make you think you are not playing the same game as them. For this reason and to satisfy your desire to travel virtually and discover new horizons, here we present you present the ten best maps you can currently play in Minecraft (Pocket Edition for mobile)..

How to install maps in Minecraft PE

There are different ways to install custom Minecraft maps on your mobile device, but this is the easiest and safest way.

The first thing you need to do is download the Maps for Minecraft PE app adownload to your mobile device. It is the most complete and easiest to use of all possible options.

Download the Maps for Minecraft PE appDownload the Maps for Minecraft PE app

Once installed, you can locate it on your device (it will automatically create an icon in the menu or apps list) and open it. In the newly installed app, you can easily browse using a tabbed menu Categories like “Zombies”, “Mario”, “City” or “GTA” and find many others. We just have to look for the one we prefer and find the card that best suits us.

Navigate the Maps for Minecraft app menuNavigate the Maps for Minecraft app menu

Once you have selected the card you want, just click download and the card in question automatically becomes part of your game

Click the Download button on the card of your choiceClick the Download button on the card of your choice

So to check if everything is correct, just log into the game, find the map you just downloaded and start playing!

Downloaded map in Minecraft PEDownloaded map in Minecraft PE

Top 10 maps for Minecraft PE

To make it easier for you to navigate the extensive list of maps available for the mobile version of Minecraft PE, we’ve highlighted a few of them below and described their main characteristics

Sonic Parkour

A map where you start with automatic speed boosts to run a long way inspired by the famous blue hedgehog saga Sonic. Run through stages and across different platforms while exploring a fun and interactive map.

Minecraft Sonic Parkour KarteMinecraft Sonic Parkour Karte


A map dedicated to Toy Story where you can visit various important locations from the films such as: B. Andy’s room, the toy store, etc., as well as dress up as Buzz Lightyear and meet the iconic characters from the Pixar saga.

Minecraft Toy Story KarteMinecraft Toy Story Karte

Avengers Tower

One of the most famous Marvel towers is the Avengers Tower, specifically the one built by Tony Stark. In Minecraft you can visit it and explore all its floors and environments, which are very detailed and have a lot to discover.

Die Minecraft-Karte Avengers TowerDie Minecraft-Karte Avengers Tower

Mario Game Mode

A map that takes you to the fun Mario world with different themed platforms from the Nintendo saga. Of course, there are plenty of Mario Bros.-inspired worlds, so choosing to explore them is an easy one.

Minecraft Mario World is another of the maps availableMinecraft Mario World is another of the maps available

The Simpsons

The most famous yellow family in television history also has its own map in Minecraft. Next to the Simpsons house you will also find the town of Springfield with other important buildings and locations from the series.

Minecraft The Simpsons map with its popular designMinecraft The Simpsons map with its popular design

Hobbit Hole

Literally translated as “Hobbit Hole” it is a map that recreates the home of these fantastic creatures from the Lord of the Rings saga. Nothing is impossible in Minecraft, so visiting this map is a must for any fan of Tokien’s franchise.

Minecraft Hobbit map loaded into MinecraftMinecraft Hobbit map loaded into Minecraft

Star Wars Hoth

If you love Star Wars, you can’t miss this stunning snow map revolving around the planet Hoth and the great battle that took place there between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Details like big robots are waiting to be discovered.

The Minecraft Star Wars map is also availableThe Minecraft Star Wars map is also available

Call Of Duty Zombies

A map focused on Call of Duty’s Zombies mode that proposes a game where the objective is to eliminate a certain number of zombies without dying. You will only be armed with a single sword, so the challenge will be harder.

Minecraft Zombies Karte mit Horror-SettingMinecraft Zombies Karte mit Horror-Setting

Gta San Andreas

Easy to understand as the name suggests. This map is about recreating part of the city of San Andreas from the video game Grand Theft Auto of the same name. The iconic neighborhood of CJ and his gang can now be visited in Minecraft.

GTA San Andreas Minecraft KarteGTA San Andreas Minecraft Karte

Portal Gun Map

The final recommendation is for a map focused on playing with the portal pistol from Valve’s game Portal. With it you can discover a revolutionary new way to play Minecraft through portals, cubes and puzzles.

Another map available is the Minecraft Portal MapAnother map available is the Minecraft Portal Map

If you’ve followed our tips, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding and visiting all of these maps and many others that you can find in the app or online. However, you should still make sure that you have the correct version of the game in each case, because some maps have specific requirements that are displayed if you click on them before hitting the download button in the app.

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