Top 10 Minecraft Seeds for Android

The Minecraft universe offers thousands of possibilities for all types of players, although some might feel overwhelmed by the many new features Mojang introduces every year and the fact that each generated world is literally infinite in size. So if you prefer exploring locations with set points of interest instead of wandering the world forever to find villages, mines, portals to the nether, mansions and other biomes, you’ll find it here the best seeds for the Android version of Minecraft. These are key coordinates with firmly defined locations where interesting places are waiting to be explored by us. Here we show you how to enter them in-game to find these locations.

How to set seed values ​​with special locations in Minecraft

In order to enter exact coordinates in the Android version of Minecraft, we must go to the game’s start menu, select “Play” (Play) and “Create a new world”. There you scroll down until you find the “Seed” tab and enter the numeric code, which we leave below. After entering and adjusting whatever parameters you want, simply click the Build button and the world will be created. This way you can create a new world and spawn at the main landmark of the location.

Enter seed values ​​in Minecraft AndroidEnter seed values ​​in Minecraft Android

Best Seeds for Minecraft (Android Pocket Edition)

Below is a list of the Best Seeds currently available in Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android mobile devices. If you follow the instructions we gave you above, you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching them and forging your new cubic world.


  • Start value: -1943825025
  • Description: An interesting village in a taiga biome (valued for its rarity) in the middle of the forest, with a swamp and other attractions.

Taiga-Dorf in MinecraftTaiga-Dorf in Minecraft

Creepy property

  • Start value: 165605352
  • Description: You appear on the roof of a gigantic mansion with spooky impressions and many secrets to be discovered.

Creepy Mansion in MinecraftCreepy Mansion in Minecraft

Sunken Temple

  • Start value: 2052062
  • Description: You spawn on the shore of a beach and if you dive and dive down you’ll find a large temple.

Sunken Temple in MinecraftSunken Temple in Minecraft


  • Start value: 2021551997
  • Description: This is a field full of sunflowers and other flowers on which you can build your own base.

Sonnenblumenfeld in MinecraftSonnenblumenfeld in Minecraft

Jungle with pandas

  • Start value: 835314931
  • Description: A bamboo-rich jungle that is home to several pandas, a hard-to-find animal in Minecraft, and tropical parrots.

Jungle with pandas in MinecraftJungle with pandas in Minecraft


  • Start value: 1738801
  • Description: You appear in a desert with a sandy village where a number of villagers and other interesting items await you.

Desert village in MinecraftDesert village in Minecraft

Snowy Village

  • Start value: 22061
  • Description: The spawn point is in a village with a row of small houses with snowy roofs.

Cracked Village in MinecraftCracked Village in Minecraft

Island of Survivors

  • Start value: -509091417
  • Description: A fun island to start your new adventure. With a village and other areas of interest, it’s a great place to start.

Survival IslandSurvival Island

Orange desert

  • Start value: 288858475
  • Description: A mixture of different reddish and orange sands forming a desert full of natural stalactites.

Orange desert in MinecraftOrange desert in Minecraft


  • Start value: -1251937210
  • Description: A coastal village bordering a green plain that you can explore knowing you have a safe place to rest.

Coastal village in MinecraftCoastal village in Minecraft

Since you can explore all of these locations in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are a whole host of experiences waiting for you. Big villages to trade and settle in, places to snap an interesting photo, temples and mansions to explore… the possibilities are endless and these seeds will give you plenty of time to explore.

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