Torrent downloads slow, increase speed (Add Tracker)

Torrent downloads slow increase speed Add Tracker

How to add a tracker?

1. As you can see in the picture below, in order to add a tracker to a torrent file that you have started to download, we click on the trackers at the bottom and right click on this area and say add tracker.

2. We add the current tracker lists you found in the window that opens as in the image below and click OK. It will take a few minutes for the trackers to update. After this process is completed, you will see with your own eyes that your download speed has changed greatly.

We explained the process of adding a tracker to torrent visually. If there is no change in your download speed after performing these operations, you can ask us your questions about the subject in the comment area below and get a quick response.

We will be answering your questions such as factors affecting torrent download speed and how to increase torrent speed in a short time. It is worth remembering: The fact that the lists given under the name of many current tracker lists on the Internet do not increase your download speed indicates that these trackers are not up-to-date or healthy. You can get the most suitable download speed by trying different tracker lists.

I can safely recommend the uTorrent program, which I have been using for a long time to download torrents.

After our research is over, we will be sharing the updated tracker lists we found with you.

Test our suggestions below to understand what’s at the root of torrent downloading complaints.

Torrent downloads slow increase speed Add Tracker

A window will appear asking you to enter a list of new torrent trackers 1 per line (select the screenshot to enlarge).

Select paste and voila that’s it, the list of 300 torrent trackers will be added!

Torrent downloads slow increase speed Add Tracker 1

Click on the list to select.

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