Transfer your groups from WhatsApp to Signal

If you want to move your groups from WhatsApp to Signal, you can use the method suggested in this article. Please note that it There is no automated way to transfer this information from one platform to another. As such, you must repeat this process with each group you wish to migrate.

The first step is to create a new group in Signal. To do this, open the menu of the three vertical dots and click on New Group.

Create a new group in SignalCreate a new group in Signal

Select at least one contact to create the group. Tap the bottom right button to continue.

Select a contact for the new groupSelect a contact for the new group

Enter the name of the group. It is recommended to use the same name so that your contacts can easily recognize it.

Enter the group name in SignalEnter the group name in Signal

It’s also important that you use the same image of the original group. So go to WhatsApp and open the group information. Then tap the group icon.

Look at the group icon on WhatsAppLook at the group icon on WhatsApp

Once you see the image in a larger format, take a screenshot.

Take a screenshot of the original group iconTake a screenshot of the original group icon

Go back to Signal and click on the camera icon to set a new picture.

Open the icon selector of the group iconOpen the icon selector of the group icon

Select the screenshot you just took and adjust the image until it is correctly within the circle. Then click on the confirmation button.

Use screenshot as new group iconUse screenshot as new group icon

Finally, you tap Create.

Create group in signalCreate group in signal

Now you have a replica of the WhatsApp group at Signal. The next step is to create an invitation for your contacts to register in the application and access the group. To do this, open the options menu and select group settings.

group settingsgroup settings

Next tap Group Link.

link of the grouplink of the group

Activate the option Group Link and tap share.

share linkshare link

Copy the group link by clicking copy click

Copy the group's link to SignalCopy the group’s link to Signal

Open WhatsApp, go to the group you want to transfer and send the link.

Send link to original groupSend link to original group

Once this is done, all of your contacts will be able to quickly access the newly created group in Signal. If all the contacts are in the new group, you can delete the original group entirely on WhatsApp if necessary.

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