Trident in Minecraft: how to get it and the best enchantments

In Minecraft you will find a variety of weapons and tools. One of these is the trident, which is less well known than the typical sword but is very useful for melee and ranged attacks and is particularly powerful when enchanted. It also allows you to move more easily in the water, which is very useful given the restricted movement that water surfaces often entail. Below we explain in detail how to get the trident and which enchantments are best for you to apply.

How to get the trident in Minecraft

To get a trident, you need to kill a drow, or drowned, in Survival mode, which is a type of enemy water creature that looks similar to zombies but glows more. They usually appear at night in water-rich areas, so you’ll have to patrol the area and dive until you find one. If you do, attack him with your weapon until he dies. If you’re lucky, he’ll drop a trident (it must be equipped and is random, with a low spawn rate).

Enemy drowned in MinecraftEnemy drowned in Minecraft

In creative mode, on the other hand, it’s much easier. Just open the item menu (the ellipses in the bottom bar) and then search for “Trident” in the search engine. When it appears, click on the item to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Find the trident in creative modeFind the trident in creative mode

The best trident enchantments

If you’ve read our Enchantments Guide, you already know how to create an enchantment table. Once you’ve done that, you can enchant your newly acquired trident with these recommended enchantments:

Enchant the trident in MinecraftEnchant the trident in Minecraft

  • discharge: The trident will summon lightning to whatever it hits, but the weather must be stormy.
  • Harpoon: The trident deals more damage to creatures that naturally spawn and reproduce in water.
  • durability: Decreases the chance of the trident taking damage. Higher values ​​further reduce this percentage.
  • loyalty: The trident will return after being thrown, and at higher levels the waiting time to retrieve it will be shorter.
  • curse of disappearance: The item is destroyed on death.
  • Sog: The trident propels the player when thrown. Only works in water or rain.
  • repair: Repairs the item with experience orbs.

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