Turn these Windows settings OFF!

Turn these Windows settings OFF!
7 settings you should turn off right now. These will not only protect your privacy but also change the performance of your computer.

Also, check out the 4 missing apps from Windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwH6D02JFac


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34 thoughts on “Turn these Windows settings OFF!”

  1. I actually won't go for enhanced search… The experience has been negative. It mentions high CPU usage and all… And it's very true. It exhausts cpu and also consumes ram causes many things to slow down. Love the other suggestions! Thank you

  2. I am a PC Lead Systems Engineer and MS MVP, and did not know until after watching your video that MS had switched on 'Online Speech Recognition' (they must have done it on an update). Thank you!

  3. Just subscribed and am enjoying your excellent videos. Microsoft is just relentless in data mining its users now. I want to add another quick tip: In Privacy Settings turn OFF all Voice Activation settings (it keeps your microphone on all the time). And, basically, if you do not absolutely need any settings turned on in the Privacy Settings tab, turn them ALL off!

  4. Brilliant video. I already automatically adjust my privacy settings when I get a new computer, but didn't know about the other stuff, esp how to turn off background apps and the manufacturers add-ons. Thanks!

  5. Liron i subscribe!
    i've had the weirdest experiences while talking on the phone with my doctor, and just by saying stuff like "wheelchair" i start getting commercials regarding wheelchairs.
    The reason it struck me is that i don't use one, i never have, and i never looked for one online.
    I suffer from neurosis and on the phone my doctor simply suggested that i try one to which i replied "i don't need a 'explicit' wheelchair!
    The very next day i started getting commercials from stores selling them.

    -This really should be illegal !
    Thx for showing.

  6. I reinstalled Win 10 after trying 11 out… they freaking auto activate onedrive and set all of your documents, pics, audio and video to go there even after I'm certain I did not agree to that "feature"… needless to say having to use regedit to get around it is aggrivating to say the least.

  7. I have windows 10, I followed your suggestions on “turn these window settings off”, fine but now when I play back YouTube etc I get the commentary going into a robot type voice (like matrix) for a few seconds on all I try to play, what can I do to stop this?


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