Turning Recovery Mode On and Off on Samsung Galaxy

One of the hidden modes in Samsung Galaxy smartphones is Recovery mode. In this mode, you can do a few operations on your phone. In this article, I wrote you how to turn on and off the Recovery mode and its functions.

Turn On Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Recovery means recovery as the term. As the name suggests, it includes several functions that you can save your phone from.


To Access Recovery Mode:

1. Turn off your phone completely (press and hold the power key and select Power off).
2. With your phone turned off, press and hold the [Volume Up] + [Home Key] + [Power Key] .

  • For devices that do not have a Home button, press and hold the [Volume Up] + [Bixby Key] + [Power Key].

3. Release the keys when you see a screen like the one below:

You have reached recovery mode. If there are no menus like in the photo (if there are indicators such as Android icon, exclamation mark), wait for a while and the menus will come. If the menus do not appear after waiting for 2 minutes, press the volume keys .

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Notification: You can enter Recovery in another way. Click here to learn how .

How to Use Recovery Mode?

[Volume Up Key]: Moves the selection upwards
[Volume Down Key]: Moves the selection downwards
[Power key]: Allows you to enter the selection (like the [Enter key] on a keyboard)

How to Turn Off Recovery Mode?

If you log in to reboot system now while in recovery mode, your phone will reboot normally. Thus, you will exit Recovery mode.


Functions of Menus in Original Recovery Mode:

– reboot system now: Restarts the phone
– apply update from ADB: Loads update / patch files via ADB (for developers)
– apply update from external storage: Loads update / patch files from the memory card (for developers)
– apply update from cache:  Loads update / patch files from the cache (for developers)
– wipe data / factory reset: Reset the phone’s internal memory completely to factory settings (also known as hard reset)
– wipe cache partition: Free the phone’s cache.
– reboot to bootloader: reboots the phone to go to ODIN / Download mode.
– power down:Turns the phone off completely.
– view recovery logs: Shows the log files of recovery mode (for developers)

The menu of the recovery mode may differ from device to device and from version to version. The use of custom Recovery modes may be unique, please follow the developer’s instructions if you have installed custom recovery mode.

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