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Tutanota Premium Account Free for 1 year: End-to-end encrypted email service

Tutanota Premium Account Free for 1 year: End-to-end encrypted email service

Tutanota is the first end-to-end encrypted email service in the world, encrypting the entire mailbox.

The email service advocates for online privacy and free expression with its innovative open-source technology. Originally launched in 2011 as an encrypted email service, Secure Connect has since expanded to include a secure address book, calendar, and contact form.

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to high-tech, free email services like Gmail or GMX, then look no further than this one. To ensure that no one but the intended recipient can read your encrypted emails, calendars, and contact lists, Tutanota encrypts all of your data.

They headquartered this email provider in Hannover, Germany. They kept all of your encrypted messages in the company’s highly secure data centres in Germany that run on 100% green energy.

The GDPR and Germany’s other data protection rules are among the most stringent in the world and should keep your encrypted emails safe.

Tutanota- Encrypted email Service

4 rules that this privacy-friendly alternative follows:

  • It won’t keep tabs on you.
  • It will not scan your data.
  • It secures everything you have in your inbox, including your contacts and calendar.
  • They built it with privacy in mind.

Tutanota Features:

  1. Mailbox without ads.
  2. High-security standards.
  3. Automatic encryption from end to end.
  4. TSL encryption.
  5. Data protection in Germany(GDPR).
  6. They store data on servers in Germany.
  7. Protection from spam.
  8. They need no personal details or phone numbers to register your anonymous email account.

Get Tutanota Premium Account Free for 1 Year:

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The premium version includes one gigabyte of storage space, a custom domain with up to five aliases, multiple calendars, inbox rules, and email support.

There is a Google-free mobile app for Android and iOS in addition to Windows, Mac, and Linux client software. The client can also be managed and controlled through a web browser.

Visit this promotion page.

Click the “Register Now” button.

Select the “Premium” version and fill in the required details to create your email account.

Note: To get this free offer, you need to use either PayPal or a credit card, but you won’t be charged.

Tutanota Premium- One Year for free

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