Upgrading to Windows 11 Changed My Life

Upgrading to Windows 11 Changed My Life
I was hesitant about the “upgrade” to 11 from Windows 10 Pro. After a week under the hood of 11 Pro, I am glad to be able to spread the word…Windows 11 is ready when you are. Generally you will find a %1-3 increase in performance for games and programs while running 11, as well as features such as auto HDR and a more Mac OS like appearance.

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39 thoughts on “Upgrading to Windows 11 Changed My Life”

  1. I just built a new PC and was debating this, but knowing now that I can buy windows 10 and upgrade when I'm ready for free, I may just do that. Great video brother, this is my first time watching your vids and I can honestly say I'll be coming back!

  2. Win 11 is unfortunately a failure. as long as there are updates for win 10 most users will be using win 10. because they didn't do anything better with 11. but this imposition of beauty is not worth mentioning

  3. I've been using Windows 11 for a few months now and there are some things that to me are just objectively worse in windows 11, such as the start menu.
    I honestly don't know what they were thinking with the Win 11 start menu. The bottom half being dedicated to an absolutely worthless "Recently used" section is the biggest waste of space I've ever seen, and the mobile style icons are objectively worse than Windows 10's tiles that could have actual widgets and could actually be customized.

    Ugly right click and having all your options on a second page along with all the options that are on the first right click page too… so godawful. I actually had to modify the OS to put it back to how right click is in Windows 10 it's so bad.

    Some stuff like the new tabs in file explorer (available only in insider builds at the moment I believe) are cool I guess.

    The bugs… oh man the bugs… Even before I started using insider builds the number of bugs I encountered with Windows 11 is insane.
    Just basic stuff like the volume slider not updating when you open the volume controls… that bug was there for months and months.
    As you'd expect, using insider builds made the problem 10x worse.
    I've had bugs so bad that I thought I might have to reinstall the OS or go back to Win 10 to get rid of them, like having an invisible square at the bottom middle of my screen that blocked me from clicking on anything on that section of the screen, and if I clicked on the invisible square with a fullscreen application open it would instantly minmize the application. If you dragged something over the square it would just get stuck there permenantly. This made my PC completely unusable. Luckily it went away on its own mysteriously, but man that was the worst bug I've seen from Microsoft yet. Granted that one was on an insider build, so can't complain too much. Other than the fact that YOU CAN'T REVERT FROM AN "WINDOWS INSIDER BUILD" BACK TO A "PRODUCTION READY" UPDATE WITHOUT REINSTALLING THE ENTIRE OPPERATING SYSTEM. That is ludicrous to me.

    As a windows "power user" if you were to ask me right now which is better, Windows 10 or Windows 11, I would still say Windows 10 honestly.
    This is how I would sum up my feelings: Windows 11 feels like Microsoft trying to "Macify" Windows and dumb it down for people that don't know anything about computers or are picking up Windows for the first time, but in the process they have made it objectively worse for people that already do know how to use Windows.

    However, Windows 11 seems to slowly be getting features that seem like they should have always been there, like the new tabs in file explorer, so maybe someday these little features will make up for all the things that are objectively a downgrade in Windows 11.

  4. I actually downgraded to Windows 10 from 11, some stuff was annoying, and I experienced a lot of instability and blue screens on my PC.
    Like my pc is not the hottest thing ever, running an 8th gen i5, 16gb ram and 1050 4gb (it's a laptop), still I should not be getting bluescreens every time I try to play my favorite game.

  5. I installed Windows 11 yesterday and it gave me much more FPS in my daily games such as Fortnite & Valorant. Windows 11 is now much better and if you have the option of upgrading, I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. When I first got my Prebuilt PC I had Windows 11 Home, I noticed some bugs right out of the box and decided to downgrade to windows 10, now I have reinstalled Windows 11 and am LOVING the experience, it has changed drastically and I highly recommend upgrading, it isn't as bad as you guys think. For Gaming especially its a recommendation from me. If you get Windows 11 and experience issues, reach out to Microsoft or something. I suggest upgrading and waiting it out cause its already so good and is only planned to get better. UPGRADE IF YOU CAN, TRUST ME!

    PC Specs:
    NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super
    i511400 6 core processor
    32GB Dual Channel DDR4
    1TB SSD
    2TB HDD
    Windows 11 Home
    ( HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop TG01 – 2xxx )

    Monitor ( If interested )

    165 hz
    1ms Response Time
    NVIDIA Freesync
    ( Made from MSI )

  6. I think Microsoft needs to make windows modular. There is a lot of services and apps that users do not need and for corporations and it eats performance. These should be installable.

  7. It constantly amazes me how many people don’t know that you can install windows 10 without ever activating by simply not connecting to a network. Hence why you need an internet connection to install windows 11. [ no activation prompts or anything. It automatically activates windows 10 for you]


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