Use WhatsApp with a landline phone

To use WhatsApp with a landline number, you need to download WhatsApp Business, the version of App for small businesses to more easily stay in touch with their customers. This version (which is not the conventional one) is the one that allows us to configure the fixed telephone number.

First download and install the application by clicking the green button above, then install it. Once you’ve done that, open it up and click Agree and continue:

First configuration of WhatsApp BusinessFirst configuration of WhatsApp Business

On the next screen, enter the landline number you want to use and press Next:

Enter the phone numberEnter the phone number

A message will appear asking if we want to verify the number entered. If that’s true, let’s click OK. Otherwise in Edit (in this case we click on OKsince the number is correct):

Phone number confirmationPhone number confirmation

Landlines can’t receive messages, so we’ll turn to the next screen Call me click so that we receive the verification code (which we must enter manually) by calling:

Key for calling the landlineKey for calling the landline

Once we have completed all these configuration steps, we can use WhatsApp with a landline number. We reiterate that to use this method it is necessary to download and install WhatsApp Business using the traditional version of the App is this not possible. And don’t let its name fool you: while it’s aimed at businesses, it can be used by anyone, and developers won’t control whether every download is from a company either.

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