Video Downloaders: Top 10 Programs Review List

You may want to download your favorite video content and music and use it in places where you do not have internet. For this reason, we have examined the most useful video downloader programs for you.

It is not easy to find programs that will make your job easier. The video download programs you download may not work or may contain viruses. For this reason, we have listed 10 successful programs for you.

List of the best video downloader programs;

10- UltraGet Video Downloader

UltraGet Video Downloader, which allows you to download from channels such as YouTube, is very easy to use. It also has an advantage over other video downloader programs. You can watch the downloaded video with its own player. In this way, you have a faster user experience.

9- VideoGet

You are making a transaction by copying the link. In addition to the format of the files you download, you can also choose the sound quality. In this way, you can reduce the sound quality of videos whose music is not important and provide a faster process. 

8- Freemake Video Downloader

Many video downloading programs allow us to download in 1080p, ie HD resolution. Freemake supports 4K as well as HD. At the same time, the fact that it is free also increases its use. It is quite easy to use in itself.

7- aTube Catcher

We can say that aTube Catcher comes after Internet Download Manager, the most used video download program. The reason for this is that it is a program that has been used for many years, and that it is easy and reliable.

6- ClipGrap

With ClipGrap, you can provide a simple and very fast download from the site you want. However, you can choose the resolution you want from the quality menu in it. In this way, you can download your videos in HD. The only drawback is that it does not integrate with your web browser.

5- 4K Video Downloader

Very easy to use; it is enough to copy the link, click the plus sign in the application and paste it, choose the format and quality you want to download. You can download the video you want at the same time, not just one. Also, the speed is pretty good.

4- VDownloader

Unlike video downloading programs, in Vdownloader, you can both download and convert the downloaded file. You have downloaded an mp4 video but after that you want to use only the sound. It allows you to convert the video to mp3 by dragging it to the application and saying convert it. This increases its practicality.

3- JDownloader

JDownloader, which has its own Java software, is an extremely simple video downloader that does not take up any space on your computer. It also helps with rapidshare downloads.

2- FlashGet

You can download directly from the video, or by copying the link and downloading it via FlashGet. The download speed of the videos and the quality it offers are extremely nice. Shortly after it was released to our country, it became free, which is a plus. The only downside is that there may be minor problems at times.

1- Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, the most popular video downloading program ever, continues to maintain its place. Apart from many other programs, it allows you to take action by clicking the download button on the top right while watching a video on any platform. In this way, it adds practicality.

IDM, which shreds the videos it downloads in its own software and processes it in this way, helps you to process quickly. You can have it by visiting the website and paying the annual or monthly fee.

Mobile- Advanced Download Manager

If the computer is not a business tool for you or you do not play games, you usually prefer to spend time on the phone. In such a case, you may want to download a video you like to your phone. Unfortunately, the AppStore restricts such transactions. But there are many apps available on Google Play.   Advanced Download Manager is one of them. It is very easy to use and interface.

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