Villagers in Minecraft: types, professions and trades

Minecraft villagers are peaceful characters, which you can find in the villages you visit in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about these villagers, how to find out what their profession is, what deals you can do with them, and more.

Villager types and their jobs in Minecraft

Depending on the type of clothing, each villager has one or the other profession. To find out what they are, you can look at the accessories he’s wearing and/or interact with him to find out what kind of trade he’s doing (it’s shown in the top right of the menu when trading). Among all these types we find the following:

  • arrow makerMission: If you need a bow and some arrows, keep an eye out for this merchant.
  • ArtistMission: If you want a painting or colored wood, this villager is the one.
  • weaponsmith: Visit an armorer if you want to buy mail or armor.
  • Maurer: provides special and machined blocks.
  • librarian: Sells enchanted books and animal nameplates.
  • Metzger: You can buy meat or get emeralds as currency.
  • Cartography: Obtain cards and patterns for the banner by trading them.
  • clergyman: to get magic items like incantations or potion bottles.
  • Bauer: Provides you with food and seeds to grow crops and get ingredients.
  • Grobschmied: Forge and sell various weapons in exchange for Emeralds.
  • FischerMission: Sells both Fish and a high quality Enchanted Fishing Rod.
  • Gerber: This villager sells furs and saddles.
  • unemployed: There are also some villagers who are unemployed and wear simple clothes.

How to change the profession of villagers in Minecraft

If you’re looking for a specific type of villager with a specific profession but are having trouble finding them, there is a way to get them to switch professions. To do this, you’ll have to destroy their workplace and build whatever block you want so that when they’re looking for another profession because they’re running out of the usual tools, they’ll find the block you’re interested in. For example, if you destroy the blast furnace that a gunsmith is working on and place a barrel nearby, he will soon become a fisherman.

Change profession of villagers in MinecraftChange profession of villagers in Minecraft

These are the blocks used by each type of villager that you must build and place near the one whose profession you want to change after destroying his usual workplace:

  • arrow maker: Archer table
  • Artist: Kessel
  • weaponsmith: blast furnace
  • Maurer: Quarry
  • librarian: Counter
  • Metzger: smoking oven
  • Cartography: Cartographer’s table
  • clergyman: brewery
  • Bauer: composter
  • Grobschmied: whetstone
  • Fischer: Tunnel
  • Schäfer: Fabric
  • unemployed: Without block

How to trade with villagers

The way you trade in Minecraft is easy, even if the required materials are not always available. To interact with them, all you have to do is get close enough and when the “Trade” button appears, click it.

Trade with the villagersTrade with the villagers

With every trade you make with them, they level up, allowing them to offer more interesting and varied items each time, although what you have to give them in return is also more valuable. This is always clearly displayed in the trade menu that pops up when you interact with them. To swap, simply place the desired item (in this case four chickens) in the free space on the right. You drag and drop it from your inventory so the trade button below activates and you get the emerald, which in this case he offers to trade.

Trade with villagersTrade with villagers

For example, the Armorer will give you an Enchanted Sword in exchange for 7-21 Emeralds at his third level, so you’ll need to save up a lot of Coal for trading in the beginning for him to level up to this point. And so on, each with their own requirements and rewards. Some are of course more profitable than others and your behavior in the village affects these prices, ie if you are hostile and cause chaos in the village the prices will go up or you may even refuse to trade with you.

So now you know: explore the world to find populated villages, behave and discover all possibilities of trading in Minecraft!

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